Gherr Marai Makhloq Huanted Hospital Story

Gherr Marai Makhloq Huanted Hospital Story, So let’s do it. In today’s video, there was a true and mysterious story about someone’s life. This gathering of our friends took place every Friday night. This routine has been going on for almost five years. Dari was completely fulfilled but from Friday evening to midnight was our own. All the friends get together and rekindle their energy by teasing the good and bad memories of the past. Making and then presenting his work next week.

We were still sitting on a slightly smooth surface of a small hill.

gossiping when we suddenly felt a shocked dude looking at me, and then, feeling my discomfort, I fell. Everybody seemed to know that I was afraid of invisible things. I was a 40-year-old veteran and an expert doctor. Then I did not know what my heart felt that he had fallen behind me. I knew my fear.

Could you get rid of it and let things change?

But with the unity and insistence of all, don’t forget me in the end. I was transferred to this hospital. Only a month had passed. Although the residence has undergone many changes from time to time, there are still large paintings and reports of paintings and bearing on the wall, which no one dared to remove, not even his family and employees. He was killed, and many more were hospitalized, which is probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

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They used to keep track of the statistics of that time.

but now none of them was available, so I did not care whether I knew it. I used to laugh a lot at such superstitious stories. I love when a patient and if the patient or his family prays for his protection, it seems I have a wealth of the whole world. All the fatigue goes away automatically. Today only two patients came to the emergency ward.

They were injured in the collision.

and the area from which they came, their vehicles were running at certain times, and the car could have been taken, but despite my worth, they did not agree to spend the night in the emergency. So I told them about the safety measures. There was a 15-year-old girl who had a sudden onset of high fever. After the injection, her condition was better.

I guessed that the girl had symptoms of malaria.

but after the opening of her confirmed laboratory, it could be called a small-town health unit of a small town but in the hospitals, although there is almost everything in it. I was present, but the staff was insufficient. They used to talk about potatoes in the hospital till night or people like me whose mental condition is said to be bad. I looked at my watch and found it was one o’clock at night.

The clouds in the sky had established their monopoly.

It was raining intermittently. It was a full moon night. But the moon was tired of the clouds. If there is no one to help and support, the transfer occurs in areas like mine. In such areas, there is no chance of advancement and no loss of life. Here are the verses You used to spend the whole night of patients all day. All the people used to seek treatment from the physicians because the minorities in this hospital would come from the city for a big doctor and then return.

What could such a helpless patient do?

I hung on the back of the chair. My fiancĂ©’s head was in front of your daughter, and my first and last love was the way people supported us after the death of Abu was no less than a blessing in those days when I and We were all alone when everyone left with us because of the fear that our burdens might fall on them.

The way they supported us was a place in their home.

The biggest problem is the process of sitting in the matriculation class, and remembering it is the biggest problem. If we look back, there is only a visible condition. Aunty not only made us but also gave us love. I was educated, and then when I was dead two months after becoming a doctor, my mother showed timely foresight. And my cousin’s daughter Shahak accepted my hand.

What could I object because, since childhood.

we were laughing and playing together, our love was growing together, and our prayers fulfilled our heart’s desire, but the relatives. Hopes were dashed because the majority saw a good one for me, and their future looked bright. Now that history had been read; there were loud thunderstorms outside. Lightning flashed, and then darkness fell. Our society was also strange.

When he is enslaved, no one comes forward to support him.

but everyone pulls his legs and goes deeper, but if the same servant makes a place with his hard work, then everyone remembers his past. When I opened my eyes and kept them on them, I suddenly felt like someone had struck me. When I opened my eyes in a hurry, there was a good lesson in front of me, Bin Saleh Al-Zikri, who was telling me to treat the girl’s condition as well. It was probably. The heater was off because the electricity had gone out and the old-fashioned love held in Lajunti’s hand. Kayifamilys

This group of lights was too much.

There was no emergency light in the hospital. The milk flowed with her without wasting it. The baby’s hand was on the baby’s hand, and foam was coming out of her mouth. If it weren’t for me, I would probably be able to handle the baby Mehdi and was very experienced. It was too late to take care of the baby. Sister Lajonti supported me a lot during this time. I appreciated her abilities from the bottom of my heart. Sweat was shining on her, but Sister Lajunti didn’t mind.

She looked at me and said, “Go to Qatar and relax.

Passing by and passing by, my eyes fell on a big picture. Nature suddenly under a field of lightning flashes. Green Singh was standing in the crowd of his employees, and the woman standing to the right behind Kabir was Sister Lajunti. As soon as I saw this, my hair stood on end. Maybe the form of this journey is similar to this woman. At first, Sister, Lajonti and I took care of this girl together. When I got there, I saw no one but this girl. I did not understand what was said about Kabir Singh and his employees in this hospital. Their spirits are often seen, it is true, but from that day onwards, fear settled in my heart even a little bit. When you get upset

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