Ladakh china border fight

Ladakh china border fight, At present, China has been forced to kneel down completely. Three of its ten thousand troops have infiltrated India, and the movement of Chinese troops at Sukkur has made India’s hands and feet swollen. The army is suffering from this, and the situation is that the Indian army is stationed inside its own area and is telling the Chinese army brother you have come to our area, please go back according to Indian media. The Chinese military is busy building underground bunkers in the Lata area and has been set up regularly for fighter jets in the Lata area, and this is where many videos and pictures are circulating today.

I can see that the Indian army is praying for the Chinese army.

This is our area. You have invaded our area. Please go back. The Indians should be sent to the Sukkur area. And because of ideology, relations with its neighbors have already deteriorated. India is violating LOC in Pakistan. Even the expulsion of India is going on at the moment. According to sources, the Chinese army has threatened to invade India and destroy the Indian army, and Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent troops to India. Kayifamilys

According to the report,

the number of Chinese troops in the area has been steadily increasing while the number of existing troops is more than 10,000. And as soon as they are made, it is clear that the Chinese army is not going to leave the area, so in my opinion, India should send Saif Ali Khan to China. But if the Chinese do not dare to be beaten, then India has shown in satellite images that they have been made in China, where Indian soldiers were arrested, who was arrested three times to put an end to the Indian conspiracy against C-Pak.

According to China, C-Pack was threatened by India and the United States.

so a large number of Chinese troops and a lot of fighter jets have arrived in the Late area. He was also accused of spreading rumors, but this did not happen. Now, the United States has come face to face with India and China in the form of India. The Chinese are rapidly advancing toward India, and the eyes of the Indian government are on the United States. Learned and also threatened to attack Gilgit-Baltistan, after which India invaded Sukkur, to which the Chinese army retaliated against the Indian troops and had fought, captured some Indian soldiers, and reversed the rest.

Before I could think about it,

there were clashes between the Chinese and Indian forces in Balochistan before the thought, after which the tension escalated. After this incident, the Indian media took to the skies and kept lying that only a few Indian soldiers were injured, but the reality was exactly Goldberg, and that is why it is also called the Line of Control, as reported by the Indian Express. According to him, China has made many mistakes in this regard and has increased it almost five times.

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Soli has an area of ​​45 kidnaps and considers it as its own area and China as its own,

but some such area was under the control of India but not yet. If India could not do anything, he accused China of occupying this forty-five-kilometer area and increasing its numbers on it and worrying India that if it was under Indian occupation, then India would have killed many monkeys. In view of this situation, he has deployed a large number of his bottles. On the other hand, there is a lot of talk about breaking, and China is behind Nepal.

The situation is that China, together with Pakistan, Pakistan, and Nepal.

has prepared a complete plan for India for its eligible states. It is possible that India will give up its nefarious intentions against Pakistan, which is very difficult because the US and Israel have a hand behind India, and they want a war so that they can take up arms. The US is the biggest enemy of China. This is because international observers claim that China is going to be the superpower of the future, and the United States is not digesting the fact that it wants China to be in this war so that it will be economically weak and the United States until the Day of Judgment.

But the world’s contractors may have forgotten that there is a superpower that controls all the superpowers in the world.

Nothing is seen, and the oppressed destroy everything, the biggest example of which you may have seen in Japan, where children are born with disabilities even today, and war is not the solution to any problem. It will be the whole world, not Shia, who seems to be resigning from the current situation that India is not in a condition to fight the war at all. Will do

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