Ghost Revenge Badlaa horror story

Ghost Revenge Badlaa horror story, Test my name is Reena, I was living a happy life with my husband and my children, but then there came an accident in my life which filled my life with sorrows Bought a bungalow inter-high at a low price I was surprised that how can I get such a big bungalow at such a low price, sister, we shifted to that house, got the children admitted to the school along with the house, I got to work at home. Asma kept, but after a few days, she left work and went away. She said in fear that I had seen a woman and a girl in this house besides you. They feel like there are many people living. I told her that you would have a sister. I did not see anything like this.

Now there was no one to be found in this house.

so after four days I started running away from here that someone was present around me, when I saw from the sides of my eyes, I saw a girl and a woman. Come, I have seen a girl here and there, due to which I had become too much, I was thrown out of school due to misbehavior, I was surprised That I was never rude, I told my husband a few days ago a tutor came, whose name was Angelina, the children were smiling looking at her as if I knew that the tutor was asking something, I refused that I would not keep this tutor, but the children were that we would grow from a teacher Forcing me Had to see that tutor, set it completely in this house for him.

I got up on my side. I stood in my arms, facing the other side.

What is he doing here? He did not answer. I put my hand on his shoulder. I felt a big shock. Someone had hit me. He had given me. I lifted myself up and started walking towards who was not present on the bed and was sitting next to me. I asked her how I came here. She said that you had been in your bed since night and started smiling strangely. Strange conversations started happening in the house. Often I found a woman in the house, And a girl would be seen, and sometimes at night, some shadow would pull the white sheet over me, and often at night, the sound of someone walking from above would come. Kayifamilys

I told all this to my husband. I was very proud of it.

One day after getting free from work, I started going to my bedroom, climbing some strange stairs, and opening the door of the upper room. He then read on his lap apart from his neck, and my children were sitting around him. Upon seeing it, I came to know that the face of my children had changed in the price of love. Seeing this scene, I am fine, back to my room. Something like this went out of my mind. Angelina was reading the child sitting with her tutor.

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Angelina looked at me and started smiling in the same way. One night, my eyes opened to the sound of someone’s crying, and on doing it came to know that this voice was my children’s crying. The voice was coming from the sisters; children were standing on their side.

I said what are you doing?

Come to the house, so I had to go to church after them. I started taking my children’s hands fast and taking them towards the inner house. Children take me back by releasing my hands. My thing is that after hearing my husband also come in the first round, it was too much to see. Because of me, my daughter was mine, and I was taking your children along with my children and Reena as well; as in the High Court,

I asked my husband what it was, and he told me that I did not swear that he had a daughter In this year, she had come to ask for money for her daughter’s treatment, hated the poor, I did not give her daughter’s money and gave her daughterDillagi man committed suicide if I had helped him, then both of them would have been alive today, he has taken revenge on me.

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