Iraqi President Saddam Hussein Story

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein Story, The 12 American soldiers guarding former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein were not his best friends in life, but they were his best companions in his last days. Once upon a time in Kabul, he wrote a list of books in which a US soldier wrote about the last days of Saddam Hussein’s life. “We never saw Saddam Hussein as a psychiatrist or a murderer, we saw him as a grinder and we were very cruel rulers, he was very fond of smoking cigars.

He always kept it with him and said that it was taught to him by Castro how to use it.

He was also very fond of Ghazi. The soldier wrote in his book that he once narrated an incident from the village quoting his son that 1970 son Adeel Hussain. Many people were injured and killed at the party. Authorities angrily ordered that all of Hussein’s vehicles be set on fire. He told Saddam Hussein about his brother’s death. Think of me as your brother from today. Kayifamilys

Saddam Hussein told another bodyguard that if I was allowed to use my money.

I would be willing to pay for his son’s education. The author wrote in his book that we saw a 20-year-old soldier whose name you had heard walking around wearing a suit bigger than his shadow. Later we found out that he was wearing a suit given as a gift by Saddam Hussein. I wrote that as long as we were making fun of others but still wearing that suit and when he was walking, it looked like he was doing a catwalk in a fashion show even though the unbelievers were ordered to Don’t go near it, but as time went on and the pots were placed, I had the International House and the second volume was their own palace in Baghdad. The palace was on an island that could be reached by a bridge.

And then say that we did not give them more than they were entitled to,

but we never confirmed them a wall of a town A leather chair and a small table was taken out of the large items in the store and a small flag was placed on the table. All this was done so that we could create an atmosphere for it. Saddam Hussein laughed out loud and sat down in his chair.

The soldier in charge of his story sat in the chair in front of him.

It was as if Saddam was in court, and there was an effort to make the evening happy. The chiefs used to joke with them and keep the atmosphere pleasant. Many soldiers were convinced that if something bad happened to them, I could ask you for them.

An American soldier was called out of the camp and was given a watch strapped to his wrist.

According to him, the watch is still safe in his house in Georgia, and the ticking of the watch can be heard. He called for a big and warm one because he did not want people to see him in a cold state and to assume that his former president Houthi was scared. According to him, Saddam Hussein was especially in the last moments of his life, and the team said Saddam Hussein had breakfast of his choice and then performed ablutions and offered Fajr prayers, after which he sat on his bed waiting for the execution to be carried out.

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This is because of the extreme calmness of the scene.

It was believed that a bomb would be detonated soon. The team specifically said that Saddam Hussein kept smiling until he passed away, repeating the word martyrdom. This smile of the former Iraqi president remained a puzzle even after his death. The most shocking part of the book is that the American soldiers were very sad. The American military admin at the border told us that when he was hanged, we felt that we had betrayed him, and we considered ourselves murderers. We felt as if we had killed a man who was very close to us.

When Saddam Hussein was hanged, and his body was brought out

some people in the crowd outside started looking for him. Dia writes on the border that one of the American soldiers tried to stop him from doing so, but his comrades withdrew him. According to the team trained in a private company, they were told that they would not stop those who desecrated Saddam Hussein’s body. US President George W. Bush has ordered Hussein’s body to be flown by helicopter to the northern city of Tacit in Baghdad.

Among those who come there every day are school children.

Later I demolished their tomb in an air strike. Elahi was also given full responsibility for clearing the area from ISIS. It is thought that Saddam Hussein’s tomb was in Lahore. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. It is possible that the same thing happened to Saddam Hussein’s tomb that happened to his father’s grave. His father’s grave is also unknown. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of mourners. He was hanged on a gallows

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