Pilot Who Survived Bermuda Triangle

Pilot Who Survived Bermuda Triangle, A place in the Atlantic Ocean between the Bermuda Triangle and Patwari Ko that remains a mystery to this day. Ships passing through this part of the ocean and planes flying over it have disappeared and never will. As found on December 5, 1945, five thousand friends of the United States, whose name Mahmud Triangle died and disappeared, were present in these ships. The ship that was sent there also disappeared. This incident made the Bermuda Triangle famous all over the world, and then there will be strange incidents like this. Ships and planes have disappeared from this place.

Then nothing was. There were theories about the Bermuda Triangle.

Some sites say that there is a very dangerous storm around the ocean that destroys ships and ships flying in the air. This post believes that the Bermuda Triangle Beneath the Bermuda Triangle, there is methane gas which causes explosions in the ocean, and that is why it rages in the sky and forms a cloud which also causes it to come down. In fact.

there is a whole population of people who attack planes,

but one of them is a very strange story, and it is the story of a unique pilot who claims to have escaped from the Bermuda Triangle. A book has also been written. The name of the pilot is Russ. In 1969, Russia was traveling from Andro Silent to Miami Beach in a plane. He was accompanied by his father and a business partner. Shortly after the plane took off, he saw a piece of cloud.

Own The plane was passing over the Bermuda Triangle at that time,

and suddenly something strange started happening. Clouds started gathering around the Russian plane. Russia could see nothing but two. The wind started to burn a light in the darkness everywhere like lightning, but there was no electricity. He did not understand what was happening, and then he saw a form of clouds in front of him. He started to go inside the ship. The red color began to fade, and he thought that his plane would explode at that point.

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Also, the ship system during the whole voyage,

Russia also wanted to contact the air traffic control on the ground, but later found out that it was not even visible on the radar of Russia, but here came another very surprising thing that shocked everyone. Russia was traveling from Russia brick to Miami Beach. The voyage had gone something like this, but the plane had reached Miami Beach in just 47 minutes. I did not understand how it was possible. Arrived at his wish that I was not so embarrassed.

I was also used to society. As someone picked up his plane and landed in Miami Beach, he became famous all over the world. He wrote a book on this story with no precedent for what happened to him. Nothing can be said about the survivors of Sianji Roma who flew over, and the most amazing thing is that Russia’s special task was to reach in just 47 minutes. All these things have happened so far. If he wants to tell you about it, he will take it.

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