Bill wise The Man Who Claim to Saw Hell

Bill wise The Man Who Claim to Saw Hell, Dear friends of the railways, what a place in the souls where all the sinners of this universe will be thrown, and why these people will be punished for their unholy deeds there? No one can say with certainty what the hell will be like because it Seeing is not just a matter of human beings but friends.

Remember, there is a person in our world.

claiming that he has seen not only Janam but also those in whom he has passed and has come back today. In the video, we find out who this person is and what he showed according to hell, but before that, you are requested if you are new to this lake and have not yet subscribed to the channel like the one you have given. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and go to the Bell Icon so that the amazing videos on such information are the first to reach you.

But when this artificial weird marks about himself.

the whole media’s attention was drawn to him, and he got sentences on the sky. Similarly, during an interview, he told his full story, he said that there are different types of torment in hell, from loneliness to the stench of hell, pus, and the western atmosphere, but I was at the top. Hearing this, the anchor person thinks in his heart about how he knows all this. So he asks who told you all this, in response to which he told the bank that he had spent thirty minutes in his life.

Then I smiled and realized he was getting drunk.

but I asked him what happened then, to which Bell replied, I know you will not believe me, but the truth is what I said. Weldon explains that he probably realized how he could believe his story because once he died, he couldn’t come back from hell, but when he came back, he was sitting in the chair in front of him. I saw him constantly drinking alcohol. He added that he was in a state of physical death in hell, or he was in a state of depression.

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I don’t know, but I am in hell.

I can tell you the condition of the people present. First, they saw me, emptied the whole bottle of wine, and then began to say that I saw there millions of people were imprisoned in their homes, screaming in agony and tormenting Weldon. The book says that when I asked him how he died, he told me that he remembered that it was three o’clock in the morning when one day my eyes were opened, and I started looking for water. The water went to the drinking dispenser and suddenly fell to the ground.

Then when I realized the environment around me.

I felt as if my soul was being pulled from the body by a wave of white light towards the sky in the basin. Wellcome says I knew that many people before him had claimed that he went to heaven as soon as he died and that he would take power and Jesus there. Still, the story of It was different, so now I was interested in what he had to say, but I had to say that where I was praying in a warm room of yours, and I was lying on the floor of which four On the other side there were walls and abilities of Thar. It was smelly and bigger than washing. It tells me that after a while, I realized that maybe I had become a badr myself.

I was telling the truth in the house.

I felt like the bones of my body were broken, but I told him, and I remembered that monkeys have only souls. He must have realized, or maybe it was because I was a sinner as well as a believer in the existence of God, says Whelan. Asked which answer says that I saw the time in the car, it was about four o’clock in the morning. They gave me some kind. Black and fast-moving in the direction where there was a bright giant. Kayifamilys

I remember I liked it Standing near the throat from which the screams of many people were coming.

I tried to look down, and I saw that those who were in a hurry and pain were running with pain and suffering like thousands of living human beings. Unfortunately, during this time, I made a sudden decision, and I went fast and went down into the dark space, and I started screaming and screaming, but during this time, a jolt opened my eyes, and I did not see this work. Rather, it was true, but he could not prove it.

I looked at the clock and saw that I had not been in my house for 30 minutes.

The water came out and fell to the ground, but my existence disappeared instantly. When I saw it for myself, the ground came out from under my feet, and I wondered if I had died for thirty minutes and disappeared. I don’t know anything. He says in his book that Ghusl became silent while talking and started looking at me.

I saw him disappear from his chair again.

after which I tried to see something about the whole thing. But he was not on the fence while some countries enjoyed watching the night snow outside for some time. Maybe he was not interested in our story, and he asked quietly after the meeting and took a five-dollar note from his pocket and put it on the table. I was just a little ahead when suddenly my mother-in-law and I fell on my feet, after which I lost consciousness but only for a moment.

I called his name in my heart.

and then as I felt a coolness, I felt like I was flying towards the sky on long earth; maybe it was mine that was traveling towards the sky, but my body was lying on the ground in the bar It was going to rot later that day. Still, I was out of my body at the time, and my flight was going to the sky, but I didn’t know if I would come back or not or after spending thirty minutes in hell, Nawafil would be sent to earth. I do not know what it is. I got to see different opinions, but most people said that it could only be you and it has nothing to do with reality.

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