Strangest Things Found In The Desert

Strangest Things Found In The Desert, the Sahara Desert, has appeared in such a way that it has astonished the whole world. Please tell me what their story is of them. In today’s video, we will give you some essential information about the world’s great desert, which of course, your friends will be unfamiliar with, so we implore you that wives from beginning to end. We will watch until you like the video; encourage us by selecting it and sharing it with your other friends. Despite their progress,

They are unaware of it. One of them is the Sahara Desert.

Most of the world’s largest desert consists of North Africa, approximately 5149 km from Egypt to Sudan and in the west. It stretches to the border of Mauritania and Spain. Several countries, such as Algeria, Chad, and the presidency, are in between. The area is 8.6 million square kilometers or not 3.2 million square miles. Its size can be estimated from the fact that its place is equal to the entire United States. It extends to the hills. Its border is to the west and the east, or us.

But it is 62 miles wide.

It is a barren plain that gradually turns into a desert. In the south, between the Sahara and the green field of the biography, is the area of ​​Sudan called the coast. There are two parts of mountains in Pakistan. Fifty feet high and the other 9852 feet tall. Sahara is a plural of the Arabic word sahra which means desert but different parts of this desert have their separate names. Such an amulet is called a terrible field.

This desert is denied in ten countries of Africa,

in the north and Egypt, which The web includes Mauritania, Mali, Nigeria, and a region in dispute between Mauritania and Morocco. The area is Western Sahara. From the place where no one dares to walk, there are many places where mosques can be seen using the technology provided by Google Earth. The discovery reveals a strange thing about the Sahara Desert hidden from them. It has been called the inspiration.

It may look like standing water, but it seems to be in and out of it.

Just a few hundred yards to the north of it, an even bigger, more bright blue area is mine on the tops of the mountains. It looks like snow, although the area where it is located does not seem to be a mountainous area. It is being said that this discovery will reveal many secrets that have puzzled and disturbed the whole world.

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Similarly, the news has also come out that the world’s largest area later covered a million square kilometers.

The scope of ​​the great African desert Sahara has increased by 10%. The increase over the last century is even more significant than before in Pakistan. The range of ​​Sahara has risen by 10% in the previous 100 years. After Sahara Name, Pakistan is moving southwards towards Sudan and the four trophy areas, making the green regions happy. Surprisingly, most people consider the Sahara a never-ending sea of ​​sand in which flying flies keep turning it into dunes. It becomes a beautiful sight. They are up to 755 feet high, and their shapes also vary.

Most areas have hot and dry weather where dunes change today’s language.

significantly faster than entering from outside. Come and turn into warm cycles due to the integrated environment. It isn’t easy to believe that the daytime temperature here goes up to 183 Fahrenheit. The hottest months are July and August, while in the south, The most alluring ones, if the weather is so hot during the day, then the nights are icy at night. Radishes are abundant and last for years and years in the highlands of the north. In addition to the intense sunshine, an essential feature of the season Sarah is the intensification of the day-to-day movement, which brings sand and mud. Some are exposed to storms for 70 days a year.

There is no support at all.

There are plants somewhere that can grow in the desert and which do not need much water. While in the South, such cakes and various kinds of bushes are found, or there are usually standing ones who make their home by digging the ground. The area has been a transit point for travelers for centuries. This area has not always been a desert. Its seasons have been changing in different periods. Its current season started in 3000 BC. No traces have been found, which shows that large animals and furniture were also found here in addition to human beings.

But nomads have settled here for centuries.

These four types of people have settled here, most belonging to the Berber race. The northern region has a large number of Arab countries. While in the three mountains and the southern desert your name is, the number of tribes is high. These people are compromising with the weather and conditions here. The tribes are the ones who conquer the desert. They have a system of copying stars in their hands. After passing through, the natives of Africa reached the counting citadel of Africa, brought them gold, ivory, and no more, and traded it.

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