The Story Of The Man Who Fell From Space

The Story Of The Man Who Fell From Space, Gojra Indeed, Allah Almighty has made man superior to many creatures. This same man, using his contemplation, unveiled many secrets in the heavens and the earth, which made man’s intellect stunned when man When he fell into the sea; he not only used his intellect to build massive ships but also discovered his friends who tore the chests of the Muslims and so on. He thought of casting a spell on the stars, and his curiosity led to the creation of the spacecraft,

And thus, the unveiling of the mysteries in space,

an accident happened yesterday during the same voyage that took the world of astronomy very far. The victim’s story begins when the war between two powerful friends is going on. This war is not about ammunition but about going into space. Both countries were pushing hard and enjoying each other’s defeat. Both were impatient. This is a true story, considered unfaithful, but now it belonged to the Soviet Union. 23 April 1967 Launched into space because of the nan, it embarked on a star-studded journey.

I managed to reach where he spent 27 hours and orbited the Earth about 18 times,

while the Soviet-based scientist Helicopter states in his book that Vladi spent thirty-seven hours in space and about thirty on Earth. The exciting and surprising thing about the ministers who walked around was that no one else was on it except the Mian players. They were riding alone in it. Ghulam Abbas, the first person to go into space, also belonged to the Soviet Union, and his name was Eureka. This was opened by going to the special, but due to technical glitches, this question could not be played correctly, and The spacecraft was not getting as much light as needed due to the departure of K. It was too big because of this. Kayifamilys

The people on the ground below realized that there must be something wrong with the comment.

Friends, children, remember the time to return to the UK. The abdomen could be lowered by opening them while landing, but unfortunately, it was natural. When the steel was returning, the white of the spacecraft was so sharp that if the offspring wanted to open their parachutes, both parachutes did something wrong. Unable to do so, it was decided to send another Sutherland Houston spacecraft to assist the players. Still, this decision was later reversed because of the effects of the storm that day. And it wasn’t easy to send another culture into the air. It seemed like it was about to fail.

A big accident could happen,

so without the video messenger, they were brought to the Earth at a speed of thousands of kilometers per second. Four days can do it. I changed when Malala was expelled from her messenger. They had taken the form of a vast tribe. When he was sent to Uranus, he was joined by two other comrades and had become pilots, so he too was chosen by the three thousand people who came for this task. He was the first person to which More than two people were traveling, and you would be surprised to know that they didn’t even have money, but despite all this, it was useless.

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The three men were cursed on the ground in perfect health,

which was a great victory for the Soviet Union. La Deo Kapoor was promoted to the rank of colonel in the Soviet Union, where it was decided that Vladimir also goes to the Ukrainian police. It was decided to send the rioters to the truth and keep Yen as a backup so that if people do not go to Facebook for some reason, they will be replaced by Urine. This time it would have been a historic victory for the Soviet Union if La Dev had succeeded. The United States also has a way of setting up a believing female doctor who already has the record for the number of times a female astronaut has walked in space. She is the first woman to travel to an international area.

“I am honored to have commanded the station twice,” he said.

It’s a great honor for me to break such a marriage. Representing the partners who made this space trip possible, which led to this record, he added that it is exciting to be with NADRA and people are excited about the mission to Mars in 2019. I am proud of my team that is preparing to take us there. I am proud of my team. His dear friends, every country must make every effort to go into space, and sometimes exciting events occur. When the Malaysian government decided to send Malaysian astronomer Dr. Muzaffar Shakur into space in 2007, he was fasting during Ramadan. He had to perform his most influential act of worship, which was to injure a Muslim.

Dr. Muzaffar is a religious man.

so he put his problem before the economic government about how I will be able to pray and fast there because the Earth’s motion according to the orbit of the celestial bodies is 2136 miles per hour. How can I pray facing Mama and Makkah land another 100 times day and night map in 24 hours? It keeps changing if I have to pray one prayer after two thousand and eighteen minutes according to the sun’s rising and setting. There was an exciting situation on the Shariah issue, how-to guide Dr.

Zafar Shakur so that he could say in a slave way.

His method should not be attributed that I have an exciting discussion about the issue of Dr. Muzaffarpur, And just as food is not permissible to pray on the roof of the Kaaba, so food is not acceptable to pray on the top of the Kaaba. So he is free to worship on the ground. Someone said that praying at the Kaaba with the food in mind is an insult to the house of Kaaba. It developed with the sole purpose of finding a solution to this problem, and the answer to it is still being sought today.

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