Real Haunted Hotel

Real Haunted Hotel, My name is Vikram, I work in a personal form, it was a matter of those days when my office had a meeting in another city, I along with my two friends Rakesh and Sanjay made a plan for free to cities as well, my only plan was that 1 After attending the meeting for the day.

I will come back with my friends.

after leaving the cities for free I was in the room in the room we were tired, lay down to sleep early it was 24:00, knocking on the door of our room, my eyes opened, I saw my friends, I was sleeping happily, I was getting shocked It happened that the door is ringing in the middle of the night, I asked, but no one answered, I got up in anger and opened the door. There was no one there, I came out of the room and looked around, but there was no one there. I closed the door.

After coming to my bed,

only a little time had passed, with a loud bang, something came near me, and I got up and looked here and there. I may not have been thinking of anything. Still, the sound and I feel as if something had gone away while moving with me, as well as the knock on the door started, the sound of saving the door was getting louder, on this side the eyes of my friends also When it opened, she started looking at me in surprise. Who could be at this time? The sound of saving the door was getting louder.

It seemed that if the door were opened,

then whoever was playing the door would break the door. We had not suddenly stopped knocking on the door. All three of us got up and opened the door and saw no one there, but there was complete darkness in the gallery outside the door. After closing the door, we turned back and realized someone was standing beside the husband. Together for a moment, it was confirmed that the room. There was something wrong with me.

My friends were full and upset as all three of us spent the night,

and the next morning, we narrated the whole story to the hotel owner. A boy was standing near the hotel owner, he asked us in which room are you staying. When he told us the room number, he got scared and started saying something, the hotel owner refused him with a gesture, and the hotel owner told us that today was good. There is an empty room on the third floor There is an empty room on the road. You go to that room because of fear I did not dare return to that room, but it was a compulsion. Our luggage was in the same room.

We fearfully picked up our belongings from that room and the third-floor ones.

My friends went to the room and told me that the hotel owner was hiding something from us. It was my office meeting in the afternoon. I attended the meeting and came back to the hotel room. We started planning where to move around. All three of us started looking at a gate standing on the terrace. There was a dense forest on the hotel website; milk was visible in the form of light or small don as if the population was a little ahead of the forest, and the view looked wonderful. I was going that we should reach there now.

I told my friends that you go that side,

one of my friends was like a coward, he said that now it is 10:00 in the night, it is not right to go to this line. Still, I will walk in the morning. My friend Sanjay became restless to go to that place simultaneously. I said nothing happens, look there are lights of houses, this ray is populated here and now who It’s almost midnight, it’s all ten times to roam around, all three of us friends started leaving the hotel.

The hotel’s owner was sitting in front,

we told him that we were going to the area on the back side of the hotel, but he refused Said that you should not go there at this time, that place is not right, but we came out of the hotel carelessly blowing his words, my friend Rakesh was afraid, Sanjeev and I started scaring him, sometimes he would hide behind the pain. Picking up the tax and throwing it on it, we reached the forest court doing mischievously like this. We were surprised that the light of the houses visible from the hotel room was dark here.

It seemed as if far away There was no population here,

we were talking about these things while we were standing and something fell from our side, when we looked around, the words started rustling as if someone more in number is going from one side to the other group in front. We had two eyes shining on religion. My friend said that it would be a monkey. He picked up a pebble from the ground and drove it away. As soon as the friend heard the sorrow, that thing was something was not of an animal and came to know by looking at it The size of the plant.

Lucknow was bigger than a human in which 90 years in front of us jumped on the ground, and near us, all three of us started running fast, and we felt that we were coming fast behind us and all three of us got scared. started running fast, the hotel owner was sitting in front and told him the whole thing, he said that I had already told you not to go here, this place is not right and because of us

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