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Knowledge airline industry, Passengers of knowledge and wisdom and those interested in keeping abreast of the world of technology, today I will tell you about a new masterpiece to be built in the world of aircraft.

This masterpiece is a passenger plane.

Moreover, it will be the first passenger plane to travel at twice the speed of sound. Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me tell you that before that, supersonic technology was only used in the design This allows the missile to travel more in less time and successfully hit its target In addition, it is being used extensively to launch satellites into space using this technology. Some speeds are capable of traveling many times faster than the speed of sound, which is why it seems to be fixed in 10 months and months of travel days.

Remember, this technology is not yet being used in passenger planes.

Despite this, man has been imprisoned, so the first man is forced to travel on foot. Yeah, Al, that sounds pretty crap to me. It looks like BT is not for me either, Looks like BT is not for me either, Looks like BT is not for me either, Looks like BT is not for me either, Looks like BT is not for me either Who never comes back, maybe that’s why the world’s most excellent grains have done that there is no one more precious than himself. In terms of travel, it will be the fastest ever.

What is it, and how long will a modern.

passenger plane be available for a man to travel the day before tomorrow Before you tell people about the details of this modern Pashto Song passenger plane which will make the distance from Karachi to Lahore only half an hour. I want to tell you that the points you are looking at are the new technologies being discovered in the world of research every day. He also wants to live with complete honesty so that the body of the existing bull can also pray for the notification of every upcoming video.

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Let me tell you all about the golden passenger plane in which you can meet.

Here the passenger plane travels from London to New York in hours, which is an excellent development because it is impossible to travel by plane. It can take months, but if you make such preparations in three hours, you will think its speed has become so fast. You can estimate the rate of this modern Sung aircraft by the fact that this aircraft is only eleven.

London, New York in minutes, and Paris in minutes.

From Karachi to Lahore or from Lahore to Karachi. They will be able to produce, i.e., these modern aircraft will make the journey even higher. This can be estimated from the fact that the trip from Karachi to London will be possible in just three hours while the journey to New York will be in just five hours Has introduced the Prado of a news aircraft to a well-known company capable of traveling at the speed of sound. Up to fourteen hundred miles per hour.

Even faster than Iftar,

this cute childhood is a passenger plane based on seats named after the gold company says that we have to make significant progress in the production of the world’s first economic one-year passenger plane and surprised How to travel in this modern and high-speed aircraft will be the business class date sheet of today’s aircraft, the company added, adding that our goal in reducing people to facilitate high-speed travel soon.

The gold company experts.

said that if the violet Pashto plane were allowed to be used by all passengers soon, the first plane to travel from Santa would be seen flying by 2030, costing a thousand British pounds. In this case, the latest and unique kind of new material is being used so that the existing aircraft To provide a safe environment for the passengers during many times faster travel, this modern preparation has been made very sharp and it has been designed in such a way that it is not affected by air pressure.

This is the main reason why This hobby can also be easily crossed.

Remember that she said a long time ago about this modern aircraft a hundred years ago that she would update the Jane Glass Tower Japan Airlines. To that end, Japan Airlines also invested 10 million in Bobs Hong in 2017, which, if used, would help save valuable time as well as travel. There will be more revolution in the field of

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