Painting horror story

Painting horror story, I live with my sister’s old mind, soul hangry My parents died a few years ago. I am very fond of painting I stay in my room all day. I do only painting My room is full of fish painting all the time. One day I went to the market with my sister.

I saw a painting of a girl in a shop there.

I picked up the painting and started looking at it, something was written below, and after doing it, I realized that this painting was done thousands of years ago. He asked the owner of the painting about the price of the painting, which I liked very much, and I bought that painting from my Uncle at a reasonable price. I have brought the painting home. I hung it on the wall in my room. As the days passed, I saw that girl sleeping one night.

I didn’t know what the magic in it that had taken me into his group was.

His eyes seemed as if I wanted to say something to him. I couldn’t believe how this could happen. I lay face down on the other side in fear and then didn’t know that But I fell asleep, in the middle of the night the sound of a girl crying opened my eyes. I opened my eyes and started to notice where the voice was coming from, and after doing it, I came to know that the voice was coming from that painting. I got up and went to that painting. Standing in front of the painting, the girl in the picture was crying, and tears fell from her eyes.

After a while, her crying voice became pure.

and then she held my neck in the hand of one of the bats in that painting. Trying to get rid of his neck, his grip was increasing, my sister came to my room with the sound of my body, everything became normal as soon as she turned on the light, the sister was standing near the painting in the battery saver The reason for winning from me Asked, I told them everything, they told me that you must have seen both hands, I thought yes it would be like this otherwise it is just a small painting of a girl.

Still, my fingers were there when I stood in front of the mirror and looked.

at my neck. There were traces of the next morning I went to college the whole day and night the sentence remained in my mind when I came back home, my mother gave me something. I asked him what the matter was and why he was so scared. Why did he tell me that strange conversations have happened since I brought the book painting into the house

Sometimes there is the sound.

of utensils falling from the kitchen, but When I go and see the utensils are perfect, sometimes there is the sound of a girl laughing, sometimes one day of crying, when I told all this to the mistress, I don’t know who pushed me so hard that I broke my arm. All this is happening because of that painting. My sister also came there.

He scolded the employee and said now you are old.

I think you should rest now and go to your house for a few days. I was also sitting quietly listening to the sister’s words, and because of fear, I went to my room. He didn’t dare to go to the room after a long time, then I got upset, all my paintings in the room were sold on the torn floor, and my picture was lying on the floor, and it was written on the picture of your death.

Fell from my hand and I came out of my room and came to my sister,

told her about the condition of her room, she came to visit with me, but her condition was already as if nothing had happened, everything was in its place in the order I stood near the painting. It seemed as if that painting girl was laughing at me. I picked up that painting and threw it out of the house in the garbage. As soon as I entered the house, I started to hear dancing in the room.

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When I went and saw that the employee was lying on the ground,

his neck was severed, and someone was sitting with him, scratching and eating his meat, just making it. When I looked at myself, I was the same painting girl who started trembling at 7:00. I came to my room with pain and my chest. Coming into the room, I was finding it difficult to breathe due to fear and fear. Still, as soon as I saw my thing in front, The same painting was hanging on the wall in front.

I am afraid, sitting with the door waiting for the night to fall,

the next day went to the Uncle’s shop from where I had bought the painting, he told me the whole sentence, he told me about that painting. He said that during the excavation of Hansard Khatima, a friend had found a painting along with things.

When he came near, he was petrified.

He had the same painting. I liked it, so I talked to him about buying a painting too, but he gave me a similar painting. Still, he was petrified and upset, I asked him the reason for his fear, but he gave me some I Didn’t tell, but kept looking at the painting again and again in more style. It seemed as if he wanted to tell me something. But then WhatsApp went more and went from there after a few days. It came to know that someone had killed him with inter-high ruthlessness. I told Uncle that all this was happening to me only because of the painting on it. He told me That I couldn’t help him in this regard. I came back in despair.

I was lying on my bed looking.

at that painting and was thinking about how to know from this wretched painting now the girl’s laughing voice should come from this wretched painting. I got up courageously, picked up that painting, and set it on fire. As soon as the house was set on fire, things started resonating, and after a while, the picture had become a pile of ashes. I became happy. Thankfully, I lost my life. When I entered my room with pleasure, I screamed for money. My sister was standing in front of me, holding that painting in her hand, and I started flying with anger and said, how dare you to burn it, and she put the painting on the wall again and then sat in front of him, started laughing out loud

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