Hounted Night Horror Story

Hounted Night Horror Story, Give sentence struck me that when I opened a small tea hotel in the village, I wanted to say something about my mother before telling this severe sentence that happened to me. I belong to a huge family.

I had a sister and parents in my house,

my appearance was not good, and I used to gamble with friends, which is why my family was distraught with me. Because of this bad habit, my family members threw me out of the house. After leaving the house, I thought that I go to another city and do some job and show my family members something, suddenly I remembered that a friend of mine lives in the nearby village, who used to do me when I needed him. Coming closer and I started walking towards his house in the nearby village.

It was too much night.

And I knocked on the door of his house, after some time the door opened, then I was surprised to see my friend who was not the same as before, who was older than his age. Looked big, a strange little face under the eyes. I was wondering what had happened to him and seeing me. Nothing had happened, then I told him about myself, then he asked me to come inside when I entered the house.

When it happened, the house was bizarre.

There was nothing special inside the house, and whatever was there was quite old. Both of us sat in one place and started remembering the good times. He told me that his tea was near. There is a small hotel; if you want to stay here, you have to work and stay at that hotel for the night. I was surprised to hear that there was no answer for opening the hotel at night.

From things it seemed as if he did not want me to stay in this house.

for the night where we were sitting there was also a staircase leading to a room upstairs he told me that you would stay in the upstairs room and from tomorrow You will go to the hotel, I started going upstairs when I came to the room, that room was extraordinary, and at the same time there was a path of Teras, I went to the terrace. The view from there I was feeling very nice.

When I was going to return from you,

my friend was standing looking at me angrily as if he must have felt bad going to my terrace In which tone I started saying that you come to the hotel with me now so that tomorrow I do not have to show you the hotel, I kept my bag, and after being forced to go with him, we left the house and walked towards the hotel, he kept silent.

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The real shock was when he told me That you were staying at the hotel,

now coming home in the morning, your work started from today itself. who it doesn’t want to keep me home at night. I was standing at the hotel and went and started making tea for myself that suddenly an old lady came there. I could not digest this thing at this time. Then that woman asked me to make tea; what would I tell her? As if my alpha were over and now sat in front of me and started looking at me with strange eyes, the smile on her face was telling that as if she had found some treasure. I could not take my eyes off her. I lowered my eyes and then as soon as I had eyes on her, the woman had come from there.

I was shocked and worried, where had that woman gone in a second?

I was too much, I did not want to stay at this hotel for 1 minute, I left the hotel. I returned home. When I started coming towards me, I felt that someone was behind me, suddenly someone put a hand on my shoulder. I was too much, as soon as I looked back, there was no one. I was petrified. I started walking towards the house very quickly. When I reached close to home, I saw that my friend was leaving the house,

where was he going at this time?

I did not know anything. As soon as the friendship was gone, I went inside the house and took the stairs. I climbed up and came to my room, now I wanted to sleep, but I could not sleep. I did not know when I fell asleep. I felt that someone was with me on the bed. I was sweating even in sleep suddenly. When I opened my eyes, there was no one there. I came down quicker than I remembered that my friend had left the house.

I thought my eyes suddenly fell on a door with what was inside me.

I started trembling and immediately came out of that room suddenly felt a sound on the door. I understood that my friend had come. I had to go to him before coming in. I quickly climbed the stairs, and then the door opened. You started looking through a hole near him, the older adult was with him, and he had a big dagger in his hands. My friend was telling him that he should sacrifice his blood today. It is mine as soon as I hear this and there is no place for my panic, now my death was sure, before coming up I came in the room, now I could hear the sound of his footsteps climbing the stairs or God or where should I go now There was no other way but to jump from the nearby terrace.

I courageously came to the terrace and jumped from here.

When I looked back, both of them standing on the terrace were looking at me eagerly, as if there was a bigger victim than them. I have been left running. I returned to my house and told the whole incident to my family members and apologized to them. My family members called the police at the same time when the police reached there. There was no home. What was that night with me?

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