Horror And Scary Hospital

Horror And Scary Hospital, Friends, my name is Sunita. I have been working at Jordan Hospital for two years. The hospital in which I work has three floors, the second floor is dead food, and the third floor is under construction. I had heard that on the third floor, there is an unseen marsh. Which does not allow the building of that floor.

Whenever the construction of that floor starts,

sometimes a worker dies after falling or runs away in fear. The workers say that many people, children, and women, are not working here. That’s why it was left like that day when I returned home from my duty. I got a call from my senior doctor, Dr. Rakesh. He told me that the night shift doctor is on leave for a few days, and you should do duty for a few days in his place. In any case, the heart came to the hospital for the night shift, and like this, I soon became friends with Asha in the hospital. sat down to chat and started talking.

In front of the balcony was the hall in which the old beds And I were lying behind.

Asha was talking that I realized that she was in the hall one day ago, and now she was lying outside. There is no one here who, in the meantime, brought Air here. Asha got up and put the wheelchair back in the hall; we started talking, Asha Asha. I saw that Asha came back to us walking back Asha got very angry she sends ant and old She started coming back to sleep with the broken things, I saw that I pushed Asha and she fell on the ground on her face after that Asha, and I refused to go to that floor.

One day I was sitting in my room.

Then Asha came to my room, she told me that today a dead body had been brought which is on the second floor, its condition was awful, Papa has refused everyone to go to that point, I think that till today It has not happened that a dead body has come. It has been banned from leaving.

What is it that everyone has been refused that no one should see the body?

Still, I had heard that I was terrified and upset when the dead body was dead. I casually said that we should take care of our work, in which I forced you to come with me and see what was right, and I agreed to go after being forced. We reached the second-floor Kesari round. At the end of the long family, it was very dark. I told Asha that you go. I was waiting for you after Asha’s departure. Suddenly I felt that someone is behind me. I saw it was right or passed me like the wind. I thought that I make hoping that let’s go from here. There was some issue here.

Someone came near my ear and said Yes,

let’s hear Asha’s scream. Hearing that the guard came running to me, I pointed towards the room. We went there. We saw Asha lying unconscious on the ground near the door. With great difficulty, Asha regained consciousness after coming to her senses. She was scared, she would not say anything about Parv, pointing in front of the force, and Chishti had become mad. Dr. Rakesh held me responsible for Asha’s condition.

But you were seen standing in front of me,

suddenly the light went off, because of the low light, I could not see the face, he was walking, standing close to me, it was raining from there, suddenly in the light of lightning, I saw that a man of the creepy face. Standing before me, she started trembling by bringing her decision face to me. Where will she not survive and brother laughing in judgment style? Gaya, along with that, tell me the thing of hope. I learned that Asha had committed suicide by jumping from the third floor.

I thought when I came here.

If you have gone, I will not go without knowing the secret of the dead body. I stood near the dead body and felt like someone was with me. I picked up the cloth from the top of the dead body in fear. My post started screaming, I started trembling again, my face was burnt, and it was on his mouth. I looked at myself in it. I saw Dr. Rakesh’s body lying on the floor. His condition was terrible.

The head was different from the neck,

and the whole body looked different from the body. Someone placed a hand on my shoulder. I saw the same body standing in fear and running away. He took a long breath and said right. You have come back.

Asked phone, he said that many years ago,

Jordan was not the son of Jordan, the owner of this hospital, Rakesh killed him to capture Jordan’s hospital, and you became the hospital owner. Jordan took revenge for his garlic by killing Rakesh. I was so much that I stayed in the hospital for several days and returned after a few days. The hospital was quite surprised. I did not see the guard anywhere.

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