Worst condition upcoming days all around the world, Dear friends to our country and all the viewers who can lead to the mass destruction of humanity, most of which are catastrophic, during some chase after the human being like a silent killer. The first thing I would like to do is to make you aware of the most dangerous virus in human history, when and how it spreads, and how many Eids they have.

We are talking about a voice becoming a threat to humanity,

and the virus has been spreading rapidly for the last few days. We are talking about this disease in Pakistan. You may not feel so dangerous in its name but let us tell you that it would be wrong to compare anything with its name except a type of smallpox discovered in 1880. It is now the cause of death of three people every year in South America.

It could be that South Africa.

is full of forests where thousands of people have the same diseases that are being discovered. If one spreads from animal to human and from human to human, its symptoms will appear in the form of horrible but filthy grains in the whole human body, from which blood and pus will flow. I have a high fever, pain in muscles, and severe back pain. A disease can only be tested in a laboratory, etc.,

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Which has spread terror.

and people have died due to it, while the rate of its spread is increasing day by day. That’s why experts warn that the heir apparent would have wreaked havoc if left unchecked. Say goodbye. Also, do you know what kind of food and drink you must go through before reaching us? Just like this IS from West Africa, it could not spread this dangerous disease to any other human being. The infected person does not even know that he is sick, but the virus attacks the internal organs of the human body, such as the kidney and heart, and starts destroying them when the person is hollow inside.

When it goes away.

its symptoms begin to appear, including high fever and the body’s response, not the pain in the mosque, heartburn, and numerous similar symptoms that destroy the human body, not only that but also patients suffering from this disease. Some of them have reached the level of their hearing, and some die due to this disease within 14 days, which is astonishing. There is a danger of an outbreak that is no less than sharing for the sake of humanity. Friends, have you ever heard the name poliovirus? The disease called Bole is a product of the modern age. Food is spread by dirty water without caring for cleanliness is still seen in these areas around the world today. Some are still unable to adapt to modern times. It is found mainly in villages and hamlets where cleanliness is neglected.

There are more than 100,000 cases reported.

this time around the world each year, of which only a few are lucky enough to be infected. They can save their lives by fighting. They can’t even ignore this disease. Let’s talk now. Say it is a very deadly virus that affects humans and animals. In addition to humans, the virus was thought to be transmitted from any part of the body to humans, leaving 40 to 50 percent of the patient’s hope of survival.  Worst condition upcoming days all around the world

It has been observed in South Africa.

In West America, it also causes fruit failure and blood flow internally and externally. Surprisingly, the treatment of this disease is straightforward. Yes, but you have to be careful. This disease can kill you. Friends, now it’s your turn. This dangerous virus can be transmitted directly or indirectly from a human to a human. The planners of this disease and the mosquitoes attack humans in the evening. One week after the bite, the effects begin to show, including cold weather discomfort, bone loss, dangerous skin separation, etc. The death toll in the world is much lower, but By no means do I want to convey that I recommend that the mother be inactive.

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