History of Ibn Sina (Avicenna) Father of Modern Medicine

History of Ibn Sina (Avicenna) Father of Modern Medicine, We are amazed that all of you who see and hear Islam will get down from the horse during the horse riding, which will cause this girl’s hip bone to separate from her body, so the girl’s father tried to get treatment from many physicians. It was getting weaker and weaker day by day to get the girl back to her place. At last, people are advised to tell a lot outside the city they live in. You should consult them. But I can go back without touching your daughter’s words.

The man said: I do not accept any condition.

What would I have done to treat your daughter if she had brought me an obese, freshly made cow? He said to her, “Take your daughter with you the day after tomorrow, and I will cure her by the command of Allah.” And when the man was gone, Not even a drop of water should be given. The man put his daughter on the bed and took her to Hakeem Sahib as promised in the afternoon. There was no way, so the girl was seated on the belly of the cow. In front of the cow that this and other food Urdu song was hungry and thirsty for two days, so they started devouring it.

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Hakim Sahib put a lot of salt in front of him,

Or there was a mixture of salt in the water, and its intensity increased, and Quaid-e-Azam drank a lot of water. Hakeem Sahib got the girl out of the car and handed her over to her father and said that your daughter’s hip bone had returned to its place. It is well known that this fact is no longer a mere human being, but one believed to have been born in 980 AD in a village near Bukhara, Balochistan. Obtained from Natalie as well as the definition of medicine and physics. However, the students overtook the teacher in a few days, and you have a lot of such dear friends. It is said that once, the Sultan of Bukhara became very ill.

Fell and the spectators could not succeed in the treatment of the Sultan,

so doctors were called from far away areas. They tried hard, but Sultan’s illness. Naqib claimed that he could cure Sultan if he could not be cured. Presented in the service and see the power of God that the Sultan is getting relief from the treatment of this young sage, he should be happy and ask for a reward from the royal treasury who can take your cream, but the tip that this young man asked for Did he surprises everyone He asked permission to study the royal library,

which gladly allowed him to.

This young sage had heard that there were many rare books in this library, so Bo Ali Sina, thanks to his acid, soon got the information of his work from the whole library and wrote it down and then 21 years old. Omar wrote his first book. I have seen the highest example of love in my life ever since he played it, and we five Taliban said don’t tell me all. Once upon a time, a prince was afflicted with a severe spleen disease. History of Ibn Sina (Avicenna) Father of Modern Medicine

It is a disease which is called in English.

It is said that he was afflicted with this disease in the last over, so he was afflicted with this disease, and this thing has settled in the mind of the prince, because of which he would sound like a cow and tell every evil to slaughter me because My meat became very dear to my dear fellow bazaar. His disease increased so much that he stopped eating and drinking. All the expert physicians there were starving and unable to cure him, while Maula Hussain (AS) was the Minister of King Al-Dawlah at that time. But one day, Bo Ali Sina told the prince to be happy.

They reached the prince by the canal and said, “Where is the cow?

Bring it so that I can slaughter it.” And take the prince and bind him by the hand, when he hastened the rain, and said, “It is too weak, it is not fit to be slaughtered.” Take food so that this cow will be well scared. It became clear to your freedom that it was meant to be slaughtered, so he began to eat and drink well, as usual, to be healthy, and to be killed while being given food. Within a month, the prince successfully treats this strange patient and based on such and such.

So he wept and said: “Even though you are a sinner, I do not understand the mercy of Allah (swt) on which you should give thanks to Him for the multiplicity of things or to cover your faults for the same beautiful thing today.” Respect the video


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