Painful tale of a virgin woman

Painful tale of a virgin woman, I will tell you the story of a woman who said I am 55. When I was fourteen years old, my father passed away. Relatives supported us for only a year. She used to work; she used to feel the lack of things she gets thirsty for blood she used to call us all sons when she was a mother she used to write everything from now on she used to be a darling of that time, she lived for centuries.

I have to go to my mother’s.

I used to cry too, or you used to come to me. A sister also used to go to school. But those who silenced us by saying this. I will leave it in college but let them study. Does anyone have any pity even without their parents

They left it. left it at the shop. When I came to prepare the food,

my younger brother told me to put oil on my back, which hurt. Look how many marks have been made; I was wondering all their words. If my brother had spoken to Baba later, I would have told him how much the teacher had beaten me. I went to and was very beaten. I put them both on my chest to work on their age weapon and told them they would go to school tomorrow. You two brothers started looking at me and said your uncle would kill me. Kayifamilys

I will not say that the one whom the Chinese maid had made.

she used to do all the work she used to sweep the dishes of the house my heart used to ache It wasn’t even a year since they started abusing me Your redhead will go out of the house I replied to my uncle I have a headache the head exploded and started bleeding, but I did not have the courage Majid used to do housework for her sisters and brothers I asked them for help The difficulty helped me, and by filing a case we took part in the house, and I will be kept in my office to read and write something I got rid of the people and enrolled my siblings in school Were such filthy accusations levelled against me

I was made known for my immorality.

Everyone in the family thought I was a girl All I asked for was a word that kills Brown I used to work in his neck office He used to give me Zakat in charity In the language of every man and woman in my family I used to be a bad servant. No matter how much money I earned I didn’t care about anyone I was chaste before my God Etc I used to make everything I could bring good food in the best clothes There were many relationships of very good people and rich people but I didn’t have to get married I had to get my sister and brothers on their feet She.

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wanted to marry a brother and a sister.

The first husband used to work in the bank May God keep you happy In this way he did not marry his uncle’s daughter He kept beating and humiliating his uncle What was the fault of marrying his daughter He liked his brother My younger sister had to marry her son They had two children They are in England. She will be very happy.

I also wanted everyone’s happiness she settled down Everyone was happy in her life Look I left All my

siblings except me If they want people are with me People speak the language of people I am apologizing to God They never love they never talk with love Their children are young but they love me They keep their children away from flowers like their enemy You lie alone in a room I pray I give food and then I eat They talk bitterly I wish I could build my house I need someone Brothers and sisters are happy Stay settled What is mine Ray’s bitter truth is that if a sibling does something for his younger siblings he will not be rewarded in the hereafter In the end he is told what you have done for us She can never be alone in this society She needs t

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