The story of the king’s 7 daughters

The story of the king’s 7 daughters, In the Name of God the Most Gracious the Most Merciful To know,you must watch the video till the end. Once, it was mentioned that there was a businessman who had three daughters. His three daughters were wonderful, but the youngest was the sweetest Sager loved his three daughters very much.

I used to go somewhere to ask a question, so one day Sad Gull decided that he would ask his three daughters how much she loved me, so he went to his eldest daughter and sat down with you, So how much I love you the eldest daughter replied Baba Jan I love you more than my own life You were pleased to hear this and gave your daughter a precious gold necklace then he went to his other daughter And to ask her how much you love me daughter the other daughter replied

Dad, I want you the most in the world,

father and daughter. He was happy to hear this and gave him a lot of gold. Now if he went to his youngest daughter son, how much he loves me, The youngest daughter replied that I am equal to salt Dad got very angry The name is a very cheap and trivial thing He loves me so much And before I pay the data It is better that you leave the house anyway.

Your words got to the daughter’s heart

and she left the house crying without telling anyone. He made another garment for her so that she would not be recognized. Then he went out of the king’s palace and said Listen, I need some work. Will you call me for all the work? Come on, don’t hire any of us. Get out of here.

Kayi Family

The girl insisted on it but again, she started insisting Look,

I need a job, Someone worthy of me. A cook came to him and stood up. He had probably heard the girl. He felt very sorry for the girl, so he kept the girl with him. There was also a woman. No one knew this girl’s name, so everyone named her after seeing her grassy dress. Maybe all the female employees started dressing up.

When the day of the ceremony came, I refused to go and said she did not feel well. CRUT took off her grass dress and asked the beautiful one. She brought it with her first and then went to the event. She looked so beautiful that all eyes of the audience were on her. Who’s there? The king’s son was also present. When he saw this beautiful girl, he just stared.

His prince just spent the whole ceremony talking to Someone.

The next day, the woman said that the son of the Taliban had been with her for another time. This time Rakhi made no excuses that she was not feeling well, so she couldn’t go. Son Trader Gas was left to sacrifice his little daughter. He had decided to mention this girl to his father. He did not know anything, so he was worried about how and from whom he would find out. Explained that he had permitted a human being to make this precious ring

Then the prince put it in it, too, and the prince was sitting at the table eating sago dana.

He recognized and quickly told his employees. Employees have told them called the prince could not recognize the preparation. Still, when the preparation began to speak, the prince heard her voice and became convinced that this was the same girl they had met at the ceremony, and the bride laughed and told her story to the prince and told the king how he got there.

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A big ceremony was held after A and the two of them married.

In this ceremony, only the big and simple people of the city and the officials were informed that the father of the politician was also present in this ceremony But when everyone started eating, they found out that there was no salt in the food Sayani’s father addressed the king and said that it was not possible.

There is nothing but salt. Everything else is there.

The king looked at him and wondered why he started crying. And there are so many valuable spices, but there is nothing to eat without salt. He told his story to the king, saying my daughter was angry with me and left. I was very cold to her, but I did not find her. I am perturbed about the merchant who told the king about his daughter’s costume, so when the king asks whose son is and sees his daughter in good health, the father is unhappy. Merchant, He hugged her daughter and kept apologizing to her

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