Stories of kings or 5 proud daughters

Stories of kings or 5 proud daughters, In the name of God the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, my dear brothers, this is a very merciful day. The instructive incident will surely be heard because we want all of us to be corrected, and there is a kind of book in which this incident is present. He used to spend as much as he could, and sadly he had five daughters. She did not go to her father at all.

Why does it not give us she wanted to return?

She wanted to return. She wanted to snatch all the orders, All the time We need this The desires of man are being fulfilled You are perfect, and Allah Almighty has blessed you very much, and I am also the one who spends generously on my wife. Ho Shad, Why is it wrong? Before talking more like the beloved Islam.

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If you want to do these are the desires that choke. There is such a horrible punishment in the world too. People are told that we have kept these desires because of what happened. The father of these daughters used to fulfil every order. It takes the man to hell. Kayi Family

He asked his wife to return to the poor because she forbade him.

Why do you help the poor He used to forbid them to prove that it is terrible for Allah? Why did you put them on your head? The king would say, Don’t get involved in my matter. Your orders are fulfilled. Just keep the service alive One day, it happened that the king had gone to this secret room. When a daughter saw her, I was still clinging to her. I followed her quietly. When the eldest daughter came in secret, what did she see Such a big thing is full of treasures, all kinds of pearls.

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Diamonds, gems, money, everything has been read. This is not our thing.

Then why is it hidden we did not even know about it? Before that, the only treasure had been collected. There is a significant theft. There is a terrible room. He has money. Diamonds, jewels, pearls. Everything is written. We will punish our father for how to get the key to this treasure from our father.

Then we have not seen him;

he will have to remember fainting. The king was unaware that his 5th World Day daughter had become an anaesthetic in his food for five days. The Polar Storm had thought that now that this trick was done, the king went to sleep and began to eat it. He began to think that he was doing something wrong. They were not afraid they would get up. They started looking for the key. Finally, they got the key. In the second stage, I am going about it.

There was no choice but the king.

This is happening under a conspiracy Hayali had sternly told his soldiers that no one could come here except us; not even our daughter can set foot here. When they reached the treasure tomb, the eyes of the five of them were wide open. They were hiding from us. They wanted to punish as soon as they took possession. Where is the hatred in your heart that he spends this money on the poor and the needy and the responsible and the orphans will take all the money in his possession and kill their father in the room? No one will know.

No one can doubt that our father is here,

and they have opposed all the treasures not present in the court from outside. It was done. Now I brought you there and threw you on the ground. I was not in the soap in another room after another day. I ran and searched everywhere but did not find the king. When the king woke up, he saw that his eldest daughter was there. At that moment, his eldest daughter came to him with two loaves of bread and a glass of water. She sat down with her father and said, How will we know.

At the same time, her eldest daughter came there. Both the teams had her and a glass of water. She was sitting next to her father. If we played with you, then we also played with you, or when you can hide the treasure from us,

can’t we conspire with you?

We people may have been lying on top of us due to some greed. What benefit did we get? If you stay in this room now, you will be tormented. You have done this to us, and now you have not done anything to me. I am snatching two loaves of bread. You said, “What is the matter with us She is doing the same thing to you.” They were punished for what happened to them.

They did not know about it and did not spend it on themselves.

He is so foolish that he quickly attacks this country and destroys them until his fifth great difficulty is eating the soldiers, beheading everyone, and capturing the palace. And when he reached V91, he had no key, no, the door was broken, the king’s corpse was lying there, and his mouth was wide open in amazement, to see what I had given to my daughters and they What happened to him This world does not belong to anyone. No one belongs to anyone in this world.

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