The Lotus Story of 3 Brothers of the Same Name

The Lotus Story of 3 Brothers of the Same Name,This is the story of three namesake brothers. who say that there lived a man who had three sons and named them Abdullah after his three sons. Inheritance will be given to Abdullah’s will not inherit, and Abdullah will get the inheritance. At the same time, his soul became constipated, and he died. And which Abdullah would not inherit. He decided to go to the city and tell the judge about his problem. He said that his camel was lost and he was looking for it.

Did your camel not have one eye Was your camel lame with one leg?

Abdullah asked the owner of the camel if his camel had died where my camels are. The three Abdullahs said, God, we do not know your camel. We did not see her at all. He was convinced they had slaughtered and eaten his camel, and now they were lying to cover up their crime. When he told them his intention, he said we do not mind because we are going to the judge himself. It was well-known, but the other side was still there.

Abdullah, the third half When they come to collect their dung while walking,

the camels look around with their tails while the dung fell straight in the same line on the road we came from, which could have the same meaning. Auntie’sAuntie’s tail is cut off. They did not spread her dung from left to right. The judge, without any argument, looked at her and said, “You can go. Your camel is not with them, and they have not seen her.” After he left, the three brothers told their story to the judge. Kayi family

Who was very surprised to hear it.

The judge summoned the cook and asked him if he admitted there was nothing to cook. When it was found that the meat belonged to a dog, he said that there was fat under the meat of cow, goat, and camel while it was all fat, with meat under it. Will inherit from the property of the judge again addressing them and asked Who further said that these loaves were made by a woman who has been in the process for nine months and has been with her for a whole day.

And not even giving the front thing means.

that the woman is pregnant and has been having difficulty making bread. Who said that it became a harem He did it. He asked the Arabs if it was confirmed that he was rich, and then the method of making it was true. You came back and learned from Sir Abdullah that If you were a crescent, we would have a guardian over us in the guest house. He said you are that Abdulla The third one looked at the judge in amazement and asked why

Abdullah returned to his mother and asked what happened to our third brother.

His mother said that your father had once found his name placed on the door of the mosque for the Morning Prayer. Like you both, Abdullah Rakha and his upbringing are the stories of Arabs that also contain wisdom lessons.

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