Life story of Baba Bulleh Shah | compete biography

Life story of Baba Bulleh Shah | compete biography, the famous public poet of Nizami Punjabi language, was born in 580 AD in a village of Bahawalpur. He taught religion to children. He had access to Arabic, Persian and religious sciences. Baba Bale Shah’s real name was Abdul Hai.

Passed away and faced.

Challenging conditions till death till your corpse was buried by Khajars and girls; why did such a thing happen, and why were you forced to live even once? I will put such painful aspects of the life of Hazrat Baba Bale Shah before the umpire today that your eyes will also get wet. Before going into the details of the interpretations, I request you to watch this video till the end. If you like this video, I will like it.

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Let’s take a look at the biography of Baba Bale Shah. Dear friends, Baba Bale Shah, received his early education from his father.

Bring on the Qadri lineage of Iran. He belonged to the caste. He was casteless and was the author of many Persian books. Unlike other Sufis, Tariq was not of the world.

I had to relocate to Lahore and then pass through Lahore.

Shah’s childhood was spent grazing cattle in the village. Baba Bale Shah was not only an insignificant poet concerning the oppressed sections of the society, but you also go through these situations. So all and in the eighteenth century, the old husband of the subcontinent, a tiny Hidayat Shah and Ahmad Shah Abdali destroyer As you can see, the Daily News saw millions of people being slaughtered.

On the other hand.

It was a testament to the religious fanaticism of Aurangzeb Alamgir, in which attempts were being made to impose the tyranny of the monarchy on the people by dipping it in spiritual colors. Ibn Ansha’s famous saying is that he kept an eye on religion and the world. He did not leave any prayer, and no brother started giving importance to religion in dealing with silent people and tried to arouse religious prejudices. And oppression and injustice were wrapped up in deeds like Aurat Yaseen, on which she was called Aurangzeb (may Allah have mercy on her).

When he became a disciple of Shah Inayat.

His community and mullahs caused a commotion because he belonged to the Prophet’s descendants of Ali. Still, he came to Shah Inayat, which was considered to be inferior for a long time. His community and religious contractors did not accept having a high family and a proud relationship. The person, please make him a mystic in front of any one of you, but you have baffled your being a Syed and embarrassed Shahid Kapoor by gaining the opposition of all Roop, who had been cleansed of all prejudices of the past.

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It could not work

But Hazrat Baba Bale Shah brought himself into the most challenging class of this society and is a practical part of it. You never liked it. You were happy to break it at every stage of your life. It is well known that you often mix with the heroes and start dancing with them, even in front of the crowd in the squares and intersections. Dancing with his family and community would be annoyed that so-and-so is causing him disrespect at every step. Kayifamilys

But you were walking under your patronage and among you.

Once you have the month of Ramadan behind you (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), some of you are protesting outside the corner. But Sharif said to Sahib, “I am not ashamed. You are walking in the month of Ramadan.” The believers on horseback beat the veins, went to the hujra, and asked Hazrat Baba Bale Shah to come and go in the evolution of evolution. If not, you signaled to go again. She thought you were crazy and left. After a while, the patient entered the fast and complained that he had hit us. You said that you must have done something wrong.

Patient, we did nothing. You spoke again.

What did you ask? My sister told me they asked who you are. They said that they were Muslims. If something had happened to Baba Bale Shah, he would have been killed. If he were not enslaved, he would not have been killed. He expressed in his poetry that drama in the believer’s soul is not in the believer, not in the sands of disbelief.

Not in the sands, not in the purity.

Not in the life of Moses, not in the life of Pharaoh. Broad Punjabi, all Kafi’s credentials are punctuated, and the mother is included in his speech. And the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and people in different sports have the same love for you in thought and action. Due to lobbying, he was not allowed to be buried in the graveyard of the Bilawal community. He protested that the funeral of Balha Shah would not be held. In short, a eunuch read the funeral of Rehmat-ul-Allah Alayh and buried him with heroes and beans. They are alive in the hearts of the people.

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