John Titor the Time Traveller

John Titor the Time Traveller, In our world, this hadith has been becoming an interesting topic for the last several decades, whether it is possible for a human being to live independently of time and space with the help of a machine of his creation. While in modern times it is called time driving but if you are interested in this subject.

you will also know that so far some incidents.

have taken place in our world which would indicate its disadvantages. Yes, but another mysterious death similar to ours is causing an increase in the Earth, which is another modern plane of the wrong man. Can anyone else be a part of it, or is it possible that other planets around us are.

similar to comfort and creatures inhabit here?

Sometimes they come in the form of a guest of Zabardast Ji to spend time on their neighbor, i.e., Earth, and will return after showing their style. Unique China Railways, which has always strived to show its viewers a true picture of events, contributed to this travel research and his wife.

There is also a link in the chain.

in which designated travel and space creatures will try to test two different events based on how much truth is not possible behind it but also from the friends involved. Please subscribe to our channel first and show the body of dirt along with it so they can become our relatives. She was just like a human being, and she carried the poor man who looked like she thought the traveler might have kept his clothes, etc. Kayifamilys

Everything was as usual.

but when he arrived at the alien passenger’s board-approved exit gate, the crew formally asked for his passport, which he took out of his handbag and put in front of the officer. When he opened it, his eyes widened in amazement, but since he had come from a country that was not found, at least on a world map, he had never been to Japan. He wondered when this foreign traveler might have gotten the country’s name written on his passport due to a typographical error.

You are wrong to think.

that this passport is not only issued under the country’s real name but also exists in the continent of Europe. Deciding to get to the bottom of the matter, he gave her less than a month to sit on the chair, saying that it was a map of the world, so he could not compete with it on his own. When the map was presented after a while, he said to the traveler, “Please indicate your country in it.” He objected that the bottles were written in French, so the stranger smiled and said that he would not understand this, but because of them, the authorities at the airport made him a local so that the real thing could be reached.

Coin, as well as two policemen on duty outside his room.

to keep an eye on him at all times, but what happened after that could not be brought to consciousness in any way when the door of his room was opened. So, despite the strict surveillance, the room was completely empty, and the fragrant traveler had fled from there. The traveler was a resident of another world who was far more advanced than we are, or a timetable tennis player who lived in France at another time and a stranger.

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Deciding what Bolta’s presence was.

let us now turn to the amazing events. Dear friends, this is the incident of November 2000, when a message on a social networking site on the Internet was doing this for the net users. And yours since 2036 Has been in the world for some time in connection with a specific job. He also saw in his message that I traveled from here in 1975 and went to get a computer IBM in 2023, which is our team was needed, and now on the return trip, I have been here for some time.

His name is John Type.

and he caused a stir among not only the internet users but also various speculations about it in the media around the world. A series of ideas have started to be used which you have some vested interests in which the whole design of the time machine and some photos were also with the people to prove their worth. The predictions about a few events before A devastating earthquake have shaken the United States of America, and a major catastrophe has befallen it.

A major space crash is about to occur almost a year later.

after which it is on record that space technology suffered irreparable damage in the Columbia spacecraft crash on February 21, 2003. We have not left our hair to decide who this mysterious person was and how much truth can be found in his body. O group of people, if you can, then go beyond the limits of Allah, and you will not be able to do that without stopping.

Whereas in Surah Al-Baqarah.

it is said that no one can cover his knowledge, but as much as he wants, it is as if it is Allah’s choice and insight as to who can be the solution of how much knowledge but we cannot decide that Who has been given so much knowledge but denying the truth of the universe is disbelief that Allah Almighty sent Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him) to Earth with his prophet in just one night By traveling to the heavens, he proved that man can limit time and place with the help of Allah

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