Esaret redemption

Esaret Episode 221 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 221 with English Subtitles

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Nava said to Afifa what did you think about my offer
In the next scene, Ali is seen asking Heera why my uncle has not returned yet. You said he would come back soon .but he hasn’t come back yet
Nava comes there at this time .And she tells Ali that your uncle may never come back. But you should wait, who knows he may come back .Neva gets inside the prison and attacks orhan.And orhun gets injured.When Afifa gets a call from jail .she gets very upset .When Hira comes to know, she gets very stressed. Heera keeps thinking that a lot of things are going to go wrong .I can feel that ourhan we’re not okay.
Nava thinks to herself.ourhan why were you thinking? I will leave you free in jail. Right?
Afifa comes to Nava’s room
very angry
he cold have died.
Afifa and Hira both go to jail.But ourhan, he has been taken to the hospital. And ourhan the condition is very bad.

Esaret Episode 221 English Subtitles

Maybe this will be better? I have something to do for you again.How to be happy with a smile…Everything may be different , but you never change…
No more shedding tears.
This court decision regarding orhun’s innocence will begin an exciting period for the series.
There will be tension in the courtroom; lawyers will present their evidence, witness will testify and the truth will come to light.
They will reveal orhun’s innocence step by step and continue to show off by ensuring justice is served.
Afifi’s conversation with sevket will be of great important in the following episodes of the series.this conversation contains details that will reveal the hidden secrets of Neva’s abduction.
At afife’s request, a chain of events will occur, including Hira.As a result, the person who kidnapped Neva will be revealed.

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