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Esaret Episode 220 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 220 with English Subtitles

Episode 220 of Esaret including English subtitles. Ourhan will never be allowed to leave prison. Pay attention to yourself! Recognize Your Position! Who Believes They Are?Hira declares, “I Will Fight If She Wants War.” Whatever Is Required. Ourhan declares, “I’ll Make My Own Decisions Going Forward.” Kanan and Nursah are incredibly charming and endearing. He Makes a Big impression. I’m saying that I’ll take Kanan if you don’t want him.Orhan and Hira When Encounter In The Cell Orhan remarked to Hira, “Everything is beautiful only with you. This world is beautiful because of you.”And With You, Precious.

Nava exclaimed!

Get your medication, please.Our visitors have shown up.Find Out If They Would Like Coffee. However.said Afifa! What are you doing, in your opinion?
Nava exclaimed! How did you proceed? Afifa: You have maligned my son. Nava: Ms. Afife, you are incorrect.I told you what happened just now.Your Son’s man claimed the same thing in his statement as the man who kidnapped me. Tell me what you know; I’d be pleased to hear it.Do we really want someone to suffer unfair punishment?Where are you heading?

Esaret English Subtitles for Episode 220

Navajo?Yavuz was called by Afife. Orhun’s case will occupy the time of every lawyer in the organization. Their sole objective right now is to save Orhun from this predicament. I don’t think Orhun’s attorney is trustworthy. so please submit them right now to the courthouse.Tonight, they have to make sure Orhun returns home. Navi enters the space.Do you really think you can come to my room? Leave right away! You mentioned, if my memory serves me correctly, that what transpires among the Demirhanli ladies stays among the Demirhanli women.

Afife, Ms.I’m not as knowledgeable as you are.

There is one area in which women excel above give in without causing harm. What are your desires? Talk clearly. You are going to give me shares in your company.and I’ll see to it that all accusations are dismissed. You’re arrogant! You have to be crazy to give this to me.You won’t get my sin.Did you hear me, too? Nothing is available to you. Do you really believe you can make me bow down? However, neither my family nor I will submit to you. You alone have responsibility if Orhan ends up behind bars. Go back and consider my offer if you wish to save him. Leave; I want to hear nothing at all. Step outside.

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