Esaret Episode 15 with English subtitles

Esaret Episode 15 with English subtitles

Esaret Episode 15 with English subtitles released on Friday, December 9. Watch Esaret 15th episode trailer and here is the summary on December 9. “The Order of Vedat Has Pressed! Orhun and Hira are in Danger!” What will happen in the 15th episode of Esaret? The slavery series continues with its new episodes.

What is in store for us in Esaret’s fifteenth episode? What transpired in the most recent episode of Esaret’s slavery will also transpire in the upcoming episode? Here is the teaser and synopsis for Esaret’s fifteenth episode. Here is what will be on in Esaret on Monday, December 9.

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Watch the specifics of Esaret’s 15th episode, one of the most popular and closely watched shows on Kanal 7 television. The series of slavery keeps the excitement going strong. The wonderful wedding of Orhun and Hira is gradually approaching. The two families’ engagement made the relationship official. Vedat, who shows up unexpectedly, appears to be going wrong, though! What will occur in the fifteenth episode, then? Details are provided below.

Esaret Episode 15 English subtitles

The decision of Orhun is final! Orhun was once again astounded to see Hira in her engagement gown. If Orhun was so taken aback by the engagement, we can only image how the wedding would go. Afife made every effort to stop it, but she was unable to do so. Afife was already too much, and now we have Vedat. Vedat, on the other hand, will feel let down like Afife. This ignorant sibling will be put in his place by Orhun.

What will take place on the big day! Despite everything that has happened, Afife is obviously driven crazy by how things are going. Eda is one of them who licks their palms while dreaming of Orhun at the same time. This group will engage in a variety of games in the upcoming episode. They won’t be able to stop the wedding, though, no matter what they try. Hira and Orhun will be wed in a traditional manner. He’s going to dance. And all the villains in the middle will be destroyed. Esaret Episode 16 with English subtitles

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