Esaret redemption

Esaret Episode 222 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 222 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 222 with English Subtitles. promo for redemption episode 221Nava asked Afifa, “What are your thoughts on my proposal?” Ali can be seen questioning Heera why my uncle hasn’t come back yet in the following scene. You promised that he would return shortly.But at this moment, Nava arrives there; he hasn’t returned yet.She also warns Ali that his uncle could not return. However, you should wait—you never know when he might return.Neva enters the jail and assaults Orhan.And Orhun sustains harm.Afifa receives a call from the prison.She becomes really irate.Hira becomes quite anxious upon learning. Heera can’t stop believing that everything will go wrong.I sense that something is wrong with us.
Nava muses in her own head.Why were you thinking, Ourhan? I’ll let you out of jail free. Correct?
Afifa arrives in Nava’s room, furious that he might have passed away.
Both Hira and Afifa end up in jail.However, Ourhan has been brought to the hospital. Additionally, the state of Ourhan is terrible.

Esaret Episode 222 English Subtitles

Perhaps this will work better. Once more, I have a task for you to complete.How to wear a smile and be happy…You remain the same even when everything else may have changed.
Put an end to the crying.
An interesting phase of the series will commence with the court’s ruling about Orhun’s innocence.
The truth will be revealed, witnesses will testify, and lawyers will present their cases in a tense courtroom.
They’ll continue to brag by seeing to it that justice is done while gradually exposing Orhun’s innocence.
The dialogue between Afifi and Sevket will play a significant role in the upcoming episodes of the show.There are details in this chat that will unlock the mysteries surrounding Neva’s kidnapping.
A series of things will happen at Afife’s request, including Hira.This will make the identity of the person who abducted Neva clear.

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