Yali capkini episode 54 expectations

Yali capkini episode 54 Analysis and expectations

Ferit Korhan, the youngest grandson of the Korhan family known not only for their surname but also for his power and wealth. In this analysis we will only talk about Ferit and his behavior in Chapter 53

Ferit’s character gradually moves towards a redemption arc but he still has an endless struggle with himself. Hiding his feeling Its one of the best weapons agains others and agains himself

The chapter starts exactly like this, while he is watching how Seyran is being “destroy” by his plan he remembers what his grandfather told him the night before and how Halis “manipules” him to keep him under his wing.

“First you will make this girl answer for this” “you would make her regret what she did” “You will put her in a much more terrible situation than the one she put ourselves in” “this is my will, when i die you wont even come to my grave”

by this statemnet Halis has put Ferit into a very difficult situation because even though he was angry with Seyran for what she did he was not thinking about hurting her that way at all.

But H know F heart and knows he can play with the feeling of remorse and regret to his favor now that F is angry at S. F is seeing before his eyes how Seyran “slowly burs” the last drop of trust in him and he manages to keep his face straight so she can’t see it.

To call it love or devotion, I don’t know if it’s correct, but Halis was for a long time the most important figure in Ferit`s life and for this reason Halis knows very well how to manipulate Ferit by pushing him to act according to what he wants of him.

In the fuse of the rage and disappointment towards Seyran Ferit agrees with this proposal after thinking about it for almost all nigth long and he starts the plan he trace to make her fall the next morning.

Ferit knows Halis is playing with him but as he states a few episodes before he wants to be the king of the game and to be the king he has to sacrifice something, he´s sacrifice is his love and himself.

Once the “act” is over his mask falls off and his deep breath lets us know he was holding himself all this time, he knows he “destroyed her” and by doing it he also did himself but the show most go on even if it hurts.

Ferit knows the only way for him to achieve freedom from his grand father is by being “independent” of his economic income but, he is also aware that he will not achieve this easily with out his support.

He does not have a good reputation due to his carefree and eccentric life before marriage and now he needs the power and help of his grandfather empire as a “free pass” into business life.

Ferit knows that his act has not yet completely convinced his grandfather to trust him blindly so that´s why he assures him that only he can fix everything and that he will do it, he will tell a completely different story. And I believe he will.

He finish to convince Halis by saying “who is Seyran anyway? she became someone only thanks to me”. He knows this is a lie, Ferit knows Seyran didn´t care about who they were or how wealthy they were, she doesn´t need them to rise herself up, he admires her spirit.

But this is what his grandfather was expecting him to said and this is what he wants to believe as well, that she is no one without him as he feels he is no one without her either.

After convincing his grandfather to fully trust him he now face Suna and as he did with H just a couple of minutes before.
Ferit does with Suns what he did with H by saying “Everything is over.

Seyran lost, it’s over” but at the same time he lets her know she isn’t that innocent either as she offered her sister money by the request of Ifakat. Ferit opens the eyes of Suna and shows her who is playing with who.

“You will think that you did something, but it turns out that you became her doll. Pray she doesn’t get tired of playing with you” by saying this he shows us he is very aware who the main players into the mansion are and he finish saying

“This time I see the games and play according to them” “You don’t know me. I’m Ferit Korhan I cannot be successful in this life by living as someone I am not. but despite Halis Korhan name, I will release Ferit Korhan brand.

So this time I’m not a player, but the one who creates the game”
He also let us know something important he said “For now my grandfather and I have the same interests and expectations; that’s all.”

Ferit let the viewer know that he is playing his own game and that this can change once he differs from his grandfather ambition. But for now they have a common interest and that’s why he keeps playing behind a mask.

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