Aile Episode 28 English Subtitle

Aile Episode 28 Summary and Frames:

With Devin discharged from the hospital, the family breathes a sigh of relief, while a new test awaits Aslan and Devin. Because of the attack, Devin’s pregnancy and birth are life-threatening for both her and her baby. Although Leo wants to be a father more than anything, he can’t afford to lose Devin. While she thinks that they need to terminate the pregnancy for Devin’s health, Devin is ambivalent. So what will the two decide about their baby?

Seher makes a list of what she wants to do with the eyes of the world. Aslan, on the other hand, takes action with Devin to fulfill his grandmother’s wishes. A night that the duo will spend with Seher will be a turning point for their family. On the other hand, Hülya thinks that Kıymet may be a threat to them after İlyas’ death and visits him.

Ferman begins to plot to kill Aslan as promised. For this, he will knock on the door of someone important: Albanian Babur. Babur, who storms the farewell dinner that Aslan gives to the workers in the marina, will cause trouble for Aslan and Bedri in order to collapse in the marina.

Bedri and Yağmur explain their marriage decision to Nedret and Neşe at a surprise dinner. However, Neşe does not take kindly to this decision. On the other hand, Nedret also finds some information about Yağmur’s past. Will Yağmur and Bedri be able to overcome these obstacles to their marriage?

What happens on that evening, when everyone comes together, will bring both happy and sad events for the whole family.


The second promo from the new episode of ‘Aile’, which came to the screen on Show TV, signed by Ay Yapım, with the last 3 episodes left for the grand finale, was released. In the promo, where Aslan, Devin and Seher go to Adana to eat bici bici, and there are warm moments that make their faces smile, it is noteworthy that Hülya says to Devin, “I just found you, I don’t want to lose you at all!”

While Bedri and Yağmur bring their mothers together and declare their love, there is tension between Neşe and Nedret. While Cihan is attacked by more than one person in a place, it is curious that Hülya comes to the venue with a gun in her hand.

Aslan’s appearance in front of his new enemy increases the excitement about what will happen. How the surprise character that Cenk Kangöz will bring to life will change the balances will be on the screen in the new episode.

The original screenplay of ‘Aile’ is written by Hakan Bonomo and directed by Ahmet Katıksiz and Gökçen Usta.

In the series starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya; Nejat İşler, Canan Ergüder, Umutcan Ütebay, Yüsra Geyik, Ayda Aksel, Emel Göksu and Nur Sürme are also present.


There are 3 episodes left for the grand finale of the series ‘Aile’, signed by Ay Yapım, which came to the screen on Show TV. As the countdown to the finale continues, the excitement of the episodes is increasing. The 27th episode, which aired the previous evening, was the most-watched series in the EU group, while it was on the TT list for about 2 hours on social media.

The episode was marked by Aslan’s murder of Ilyas Koruzade. With this development, it should be noted that Musa Uzunlar also said goodbye to the cast of the series.

Devin, who was fighting for his life in the hospital after the attack, opened his eyes. However, in the finale of the episode, it was seen that the Soykan family was still in danger.

Ilyas’ man, whom Cihan had given up on killing at the last moment, said that he wanted to take revenge on Aslan. His father promised to take Aslan’s life for killing Elijah, whom he knew.

Striking developments will continue to take place in next week’s episode of The Family, which is approaching the finale step by step.

The original screenplay of ‘Aile’ is written by Hakan Bonomo and directed by Ahmet Katıksiz and Gökçen Usta.

The series, starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya, includes names such as Nejat İşler, Canan Ergüder, Umutcan Ütebay, Yüsra Geyik, Ayda Aksel, Emel Göksu and Nur Sürme.

‘Family’ is on Show TV with its new episode on Tuesday at 20.00!

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