Safir Episode 20 With English Subtitle

Safir Episode 20 Summary and Frames:

Feraye, who lost both her job and her home, wants to take a break from her relationship with Yaman for a while. In this regard, Yaman is sharpened against Ateş, who comes out from under every stone, and blames him. The Sun, on the other hand, is worried about the disappearance of Fire.

With Okan’s intervention, Yaman said that AteşThis time, he goes after him, not to hold him accountable, but to save his life. Will Yaman be able to save Ateş? Will brotherhood or enmity prevail?
Ateş, on the other hand, walks step by step towards an event that will change his life at the same time.

The unpleasant surprise that awaits him connects Yaman and Ateş with a secret. Feraye, on the other hand, does not want to insist any longer and decides to leave the workshop. Aleyna, on the other hand, seeks to find him a secret job and send him away from Ürgüp. Will Feraye fall into Aleyna’s trap and accept an offer from a famous brand?

When the murder he committed is revealed, Bekir offers Cemile to run away together. How will Cemile respond to this offer? Bekir, on the other hand, seeks revenge. Since Yaman is the only one who knows his secret, he must be the one who gave his name. Bekir, who captures Yaman, presents him with a very difficult option to decide.

Safir Episode 20 What is pride in me?

Yaman, Feraye’s first victim, is without a doubt. I was very angry with Yaman, yes, I still am, but I can’t ignore some facts. No offense. Your attitude shapes how a person treats you. Ever since he attempted suicide, Yaman has been trying to stay away as much as he can. This time, Feraye does not leave the child alone. Yaman is already living in the sunken fish sideways mode. He’s trying to make things right, he’s trying to digest things. Feraye, on the other hand, pulls Yaman down with every move, and is it because he loves her? Yaman is aware that they are dancing with Ateş right now.

He began to suspect something. And he knows that his brother is a spiteful person. There is a proverb that if I spit up, I have a mustache, if I spit down, I have a beard. Hah, Yaman is exactly in that situation. He had no room to maneuver. The only thing to do is to put everything out there. Maybe he could do that too. But there’s a baby in the middle. It’s not that she can’t bear to separate a baby and her dad, but I think she’s keeping quiet. Feraye started a family with her brother in such a short time. Against all odds, he married her and had children. One half of Yaman is struggling with this. Another half of it is with the truth of a Feraye who says, “I couldn’t stand it while I was sleeping, I kissed it.”

Well, if Yaman is mad in the face of these erratic movements, he is right. Sometimes I wonder what kind of life Yaman would have had if he hadn’t fallen in love with Feraye. For example, there would never have been a Bora problem? He would not have such serious problems with his family, especially with his older brother. The question is: Is love worth going through so many problems? Is it the motto that I will fall in love but be unhappy to the core? When you find the answer to this, humanity will make great progress.

Feraye and Yaman have now come to the final point. The end of the road and the abyss in front of them. Everyone who needed to know learned everything. Wolves fell into the people. And they’re so late to take some steps that it won’t do much good for them to be transparent after this time. Because people’s trust in them has been broken once. From now on, everything they say will be treated with skepticism.

They may think that we should be together and we don’t care about the rest. Maybe that’s true for a while. But there is one thing they forget that they do not fully trust each other. How much can Feraye believe that Yaman will not lie to protect her in a difficult situation in their next life? Can Yaman, on the other hand, be sure that Feraye will not try to run away to protect him in every difficult situation? This is unlikely.

Once trust is broken, it is very difficult to restore it. Even the things that you would not pay attention to or care about in normal times become very, very important. They may go down the same path without reflecting on each other, but the more they press, the bigger it comes out. Before they get together, they need to talk about everything and heal the wounds they have inflicted on each other. After those wounds heal, they can only progress firmly.

Now they both know that they have a son. They have to take their steps accordingly. Yaman puts the pieces together with the knowledge he has learned and realizes that this marriage has been a game from the beginning. And for this reason, does he sign a truce with his brother, who has tensions between them? I don’t know. While neither Yaman nor Feraye can stay away from each other anymore, I am curious to see what awaits them on this road.

Frankly, I don’t think Okan will have a long life in this family. The child is completely insane, and no one hears a soul. Okan is still very young and struggles with very heavy things. Most of the time, he’s on his own. He appears to have someone with him, but he stands in the middle, vulnerable. Whoever drags him wherever he wants. He’s so tired now that he doesn’t even struggle. Wherever the wind blows, it takes away. I am also very sure that he sees death as a salvation. Although Okan made mistakes, he did not lose his conscience.

The mistakes he makes, the lies he tells, hurt him. His conscience and heart poison his life for everything he does unintentionally. Whatever happens, as long as my family is not harmed. I won’t be happy if it’s a family. There is no grandfather who puts them in the place of human beings, nor is there a mother who understands what is happening from the look of her children. Gülfem may be a very good mother, but she has a huge iceberg to open between her and her children. None of us know what will happen at the end of the barrel now.

Okan is the most emotional of this family. That’s why he’s not like he was at first since he started lying to Fire, with his brother. Because he knows that Fire trusts him, Fire doesn’t like lies at all. He also knew that he would lose his brother when the lies he told were exposed. And what he was afraid of happened to him. He faced the fire. And now, standing at the end of the barrel, he thinks that his brother has not forgiven him. So he called his brother for the last time and asked, “Have you forgiven me?” Because he thought he wouldn’t survive the end of his plan.

Before Okanson exhaled, he wanted to know that his brother had forgiven him. Okan told Yaman from the very beginning to tell my brother Ateş, but Yaman did not listen to him. And Ateş’s words, “You are still protecting your brother, so what was I, Okan, what was I?” hurt him as much as we do. And on top of all this, Fire saved him from getting stuck in the swamp of his grandfather and Vural. Even though he knew he was deceiving him, he couldn’t stand it anymore that his brother was protecting him again, and he told everything to his brother. I don’t think this situation between Okan and Ateş will last very long because no matter what happens, Ateş can’t kill his family.

Unfortunately, the biggest chance and the biggest misfortune of a person is the family he was born into. Because you are shaped according to the family you are born into. The fire inevitably took this shape. He has the harsh aspects of his grandfather as well. It has strict rules, clear boundaries and does not look anyone who makes a mistake in the eye. This stance causes those around him to hesitate before consulting him or asking for help.

But no matter what, no one deserves to be made such a fool of. This is a very serious situation. If I were him, I would disgrace the whole of Nevşehir, let alone stay so calm. I wouldn’t leave a face to go out in public. Despite the lies he was told and the terrible situation he was put in, Ateş remained calm.

He gave them a chance to tell me, even if it was one last time. But again, it didn’t turn out the way he expected. Fire is now very sure that he is the stranger in the house. And that the place they call home is a nest of evil. It would be better for everyone if this family, which is trying to keep it together, fell apart and everyone took care of their own lives. Like a walnut tree, it is not possible for anything to grow in its shade.

Because it has poisoned the soil. He gave his harshest side to Ateş and proved to Yaman and Okan that they were nothing on their own. Fire is now in front of them with all the facts. Just like his grandfather used to say, like iron. And he’s not afraid of anything. He is reckless enough to mess up the tables in Vural and Bora’s house, where everyone is afraid. He has only one fear: being betrayed by the woman he loves. Because only the woman he loves can bring him to an end.

Whether you like Ateş or not is relative, I respect everyone. But it is obvious that what was done to Ateş was unfair. Put your hand on your conscience, first and foremost, you Feraye. Which I doubt you even have a conscience to lay your hand on. Every attitude of Feraye towards Fire is selfishness and ingratitude.

Against the person who saved her life, who saved her baby from the trouble of Cemile, who left her in the lurch and in difficulty many times, but who was always there for her no matter what. Because you don’t have to be in love to respect someone. Respect is a human emotion. Ateş offered two options, both times he first refused, then came himself and agreed to marry. Not to mention the promises he made. Feraye decided to divorce in order not to do more injustice to the so-called Ateş. But it wasn’t just that he got married that was unfair.

It’s unfair for her to kiss her brother when she’s married to him, it’s unfair for her to do what she does when she thinks of his own well-being. It is unfair to everyone to be selfish and shameless towards the man who protects him in spite of everything, and who does not let him say a word. I don’t understand, if Yaman’s marriage was not an obstacle for Feraye in one way or another, why did she hide the baby in the first place? If only he would go and tell me.

But he couldn’t, because the head Feraye had a sense of dignity, a sense of pride. He did not trample on his dignity in the name of love, like Feraye now. In the meantime, Feraye did injustice not only to Ateş but also to Yaman. Because it made the two brothers enemies of each other. I don’t know if Fire’s iron posture would bend for his love. But in this case, it doesn’t seem right to me that he would fall in love with a woman who makes him look like an idiot. Because some things can’t be compensated.

In the Gulsoy mansion, the hat fell off and he appeared bald. It turned out who was what. At least for those who need to know. Yaman found out that the baby who had cursed him was his baby. The fire is heading towards death with its desolation. With fever, the baby is giving a big test. Perhaps it is the price of his mother’s sins.

Because after Bora’s father said that the baby’s father “dies somehow”, he said Ateş, knowing that he was listening to his conversations with Yaman. Bora’s plan was different, so he cut the brakes. No one can surpass Feraye in this story anymore. Because even if they were in the enemy right now, Yaman would not have sent his brother to his death. Feraye should not forget that everyone reaps what they want one day. Karma will find it too.

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