Yali capkini episode 54 Events and expectations

Yali capkini episode 54 Events and expectations

Yali capkini episode 54 Events and expectations. It’s interesting how some take Ferit mentioning Seyran dancing on the table as insult.
And I’m sorry to tell you that if you think this way, that how YOU feel about that scene and again you are projecting your own standards.

📌 There is nothing degrading in her dancing on the table for it to be an insult!!!!!

Ferit was trying to beautify the Korhan family image using that as a proof, she said they are a regressive family they choose bride in a Hamam and they forbid her from going to university, so he said they are a family that love life and enjoy having fun, they don’t enslave women she was freely dancing on a table and enjoying herself and did sign up for university, meaning they are a progressive and an open minded family.

He used her bits of freedom and joy to his favour, the main reason of the his interview is to clear the family name. Reminder!! Ferit reaction to her dancing was PURE JEALOUSY and he tried to cover it up by judging her and insinuating that it’s degrading to intimidate her and then he APOLOGISED and CONFESSED it was because he was jealous and he agreed that there is nothing wrong with her behaviour and she is not asking for much for wanting to enjoy life, dance and have fun.

Don’t take Ferit initial reaction overwhelmed by emotions as a reference, listen to what he says next, his apology was genuine and honest. The main reason of the interview is the clear the family name, if he is publicly shaming his wife for dancing on a table that’s not clearing their name that’s a confirmation for being regressive like she said.

Ferit lost all kind of respect and affection towards Halis.

He is using him, playing along to step out of his shadow. He is trying to prove himself and to build himself not out of admiration to Halis nor to seek his validation but to gain his independence.

Ferit Halis conflict over power started long ago and in episode 50. Ferit is determined to win.
It’s about becoming a Şah since it all started with Halis saying “it’s my money, I get to make the rules. Since it’s my money you’re spending then I get to control your life.”
And Ferit is aiming to take control over his life.

Seyran almost never asked anything from Ferit but when she did she said

– let us never be apart.
– love me forever.
– and be only mine.
And it’s all or nothing, all three promises kept and fulfilled together at the same time or nothing at all. ❤️‍🔥

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