Yabani Episode 18 With English Subtitle

Yabani episode 18 trailer released: Yaman declares Alaz his enemy!


The series Yabani , directed by Çağatay Tosun and written by Hilal Yıldız, came to the screen with its new episode last night. In the series, which tells the struggle of a child who was kidnapped from a well-established family and fell on the streets, to re-create himself after returning home after years, it is wondered what will happen next week. Here’s the trailer for Yabani episode 18…


The trailers of the series Yabani are followed as closely as the new episodes. Starring Halit Özgür Sarı, Simay Barlas, Yurdaer Okur, Dolunay Soysert, Bertan Asllani, Tayanç Ayaydın and Şebnem Hassanisoughi, who will support Yaman Ali while showing Serhan’s true face to the Soysalans? How effective will this plan be?


And now like this… Yabani is no longer the series we all started watching, or rather it hasn’t been that for a long time, but it’s getting worse… A family story followed by love relationships turns into a love story and couples followed by a family story if we can call it a family story, and if we can call these ‘couples’ real couples…

Let whoever wants to be angry, but..#RüYam story was spoiled by Hilal a long time ago, we always go round and round with the same scenes.Simay and Halit have so much chemistry, which is not used Simay,as the main actress of this project,has a duration of two minutes per episode,I wouldn’t be surprised if she left this project,because if I were in her place,I would have done it a long time ago.


Hilal has been trying to make a bad character out of Neslihan’s character she tried to make a bad mother out of her, as well as a bad wife.Of course, she didn’t do well,and I’m glad about that.I really miss the Neslihan-Yaman scenes from the first episodes. now they are completely deleted I know that there will be a fuss now, but… The #AsLaz story and the aslaz scene are a total failure. she could have made too good story enemies to lovers but she made such a toxic and sick story. Alaz does not deserve Asi, nor any love and support.


maybe she could still somehow break their story, but after last night’s episode, I really don’t understand people who can still support that relationship. I don’t understand how Aslaz fans aren’t angry at this scenario I don’t understand the bringing of Ruya’s dad character in the series.Mete is a totally irrelevant and stupid character.she should have made some boom with him,she just brought a character that will fill the minutes of the episode.

Sebnem also became an almost irrelevant character I have nothing to say about Cagla’s character.Hilal should start building family ties.we don’t see any changes in character,nothing is getting better, it’s only getting worse. It’s sick that some people support a lot of things,please separate the actor and the character



Alaz, who cannot digest what happened, takes the anger out of everything that happened with the effect of the pill he used from Yaman and Dream. This anger leads to a car accident. Alaz, who is still not conscious after the accident; He leaves Yaman and Dream there and finds himself next to Asi. After the night with Alaz, Asi feels both guilt and remorse, and is determined to punish Alaz.


The first day of the year starts with anxiety for Soysalan because there is no news of his sons Yaman and Alaz, while Metin and Şebnem notice the absence of Hayal. When Neslihan and Güven reach Yaman, they learn about the accident.


While Yaman saves Hayal’s life with the guidance of Neslihan and Güven, he is unaware of the accident effect on him, as always. When Yaman, Neslihan and Güven arrive there, they collapse with a concussion. When Serhan reaches Alaz, he finds himself overwhelmed by guilt. Serhan is determined not to bait his son Alaz for the sake of Yaman Ali, whom he does not accept.


The information that the person who caused Yaman Ali and Rüya to have an accident is Alaz only has Alaz, Serhan and Yaman, the person that neither of them guessed. What Serhan, who removed all doubts about Alaz until Yaman Ali woke up, does not know is that Yaman Ali has this knowledge.

Yaman, who learns that Serhan is involved in this business after waking up, makes a plan to squeeze Serhan and Alaz from all sides. The truth that eats the heart of Brave, who supports him in this plan, is aware of the night that Asi and Alaz had, as well as the fact that he sold that pill to Alaz with his own hands. Alaz in Cesur is involved in this plan, which will feed his anger. While the plan is to show Serhan’s true face to the Soysans, who will support Yaman Ali? How effective will this plan be?


It is known that after the Fox TV series named Yabani reached a wide fan base in Turkey, very positive feedback was received from the viewers abroad.


Known abroad as The Loneriest, the series Yabani stars Halit Özgür Sarı and Simay Barlas. Yabani series, which impresses the audience with its harsh and strong drama story, achieves very good ratings on Tuesday evenings. There is also strong interaction on social media for Yabani series, which has tied the local series fans to itself by taking first places.


You can see on social media that a large audience, especially outside of Turkey and closely following Turkish TV series, is interested in Yabani series.


It is not surprising that the lead actor Halit Özgür Sarı also supports the project on social media from time to time. However, it is also known that this foreign interest, which has recently intensified in some series, has made very important contributions to those projects.


In particular, the interest of foreign series fans and overseas sales played an important role in the determination of Fox TV’s series called Adım Farah to continue until the 27th episode.


For Yabani series, the interest from abroad will be very important for the future. In order to spread this process to an even wider audience, Halit Özgür Sarı does his best to direct the audience to Yabani series by sharing on social media from time to time.


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