Yali Capkini Episode 54 Thread

Yali Capkini Episode 54 Thread‏ || “Why do I still live?”

To save who you love ❤️ 🩹

When a loved one dies, his desire for life may decrease.
When a person is somehow the cause of the death of the loved one, he may despise himself and give up the right to life.

How did Seyran’s love contain all this?
How did Ferit get stuck to life again?

Ferit :
“My brother is no longer there. And it will never be anymore.”
I mean, this is not Seyran’s dream!
My brother died with part of my memory forever?!

“How will I live? How will this pain go away?”

I can’t live with this idea every day.
Will I stay like this Seyran?
Will this feeling go?
Will this soreness subside?
Will I forget?
Many questions!

Seyran :
All your questions have painful answers.
The dead never come back
And the pain of loss does not disappear
But “I’ll always be by your side”

If you are destined to live anything, know that “we will live together, whatever we are going to live.”
You and I will share the pain.
We will share tears, tears and worries

And if you want to get up, I support you, I protect you from falling.

Ferit :
But this “happened because of me”

Life is unjust!
Why does the only person who helped me die?
“Why do I still live?” and my brother dies?

“This is injustice”
If death has to take anyone’s soul, it is my soul, why my brother’s soul?
What more did life deserve?

Do I survive to live this pain? “This is injustice”

Seyran :

Come to my lap..” What does it mean why you live?”
I breathe life from your smell!
The first time I felt safe was on your lap!

You have become so “familiar” that my soul is in your body, “Do you want me to die too?”

You’re crying, I’m crying.
You’re in pain, I’m in pain.
You don’t exist, I don’t exist
“Without you I die”

Seyran :
If our love is not enough for you to live, what about all your loved ones (your mother, father, grandfather) do you want to hurt?

Never satiated from crying?
“Cry. Cry.. Cry as much as you want, I’m by your side.”

It is the right of the man to cry.
The man has the right to collapse
Cry in my lap until life comes back to you
Cry until you feel that the weight of this pain has eased from your chest

Seyran :
“Give me a promise”
“You’ll live longer than before”
“You won’t let go of my hand”

And I “will not let go of your hand”
When you are in any crisis and any pain
I’ll look for you.
I’ll hug you.
I’ll kiss you.
I’ll put you between my ribs
You’re too much for this world.

Seyran :
I’m knocking on all doors, even painful.
Skip all memories, even sad ones
Just to find you and rest assured you’re okay.

You and I are different from the world
Whatever our circumstances
Whatever our relationship is
We find each other at the moment we need

The connection we have shown is not owned by anyone else!

Seyran :
Wherever you are, I find you to share your sorrows. Tears.. Worries

My mind is not hindered by any bad event or memory between us

I take all the steps that get me to you
I do whatever it takes to hold you to my chest
I break all the rules for you

And I know if I had been on a day like this, you would have done more.

It’s over.

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