Iyilik Episode 25 English Subtitles

Iyilik Episode 25 English Subtitles

The new Iyilik Episode 25 English Subtitles (The Goodness) has been released. In the end episode; Will Murat be able to achieve his dreams by regaining both his shares and Neslihan? Watch the new 25th episode of İyilik,  What happened in the episode new episode on Friday, December 30th? 

The well-liked series on FOX TV, produced by Medyapm and directed by Murat ztürk, is still in full swing. The series, which airs a brand-new episode each Friday, stars Sera Kutlubey, Hatice Endil, and Smail Demirci as the key characters. The series’ brand-new episode trailer, which riveted viewers to the screen, was unveiled. Here is the trailer and episode synopsis for Yilik’s 25th episode.

Iyilik Episode 25

While Poyraz is concerned about Damla and her infant, who is in the hospital, Neslihan finds himself in a challenging situation since Damla places the blame on herself in the final episode of Yilik. After receiving a release, Damla tries to vent her frustration on Neslihan in front of the kids when she gets home. Neslihan confronts Damla after learning about the issue, and what happens between them has major repercussions.

Evidence linking an unexpected identity to the death of Koray, whose grave is discovered, and that individual is arrested for the murder. The next episode’s trailer features Iyilik; Murat and Poyraz’s confrontation will end in death. Here is the trailer and episode recap for Yilik’s 25th episode.

How did the last episode turn out?

Murat understands that Poyraz specifically blamed Atilla for the murder. He surrounds Poyraz. In exchange for not telling the truth to the police, he wants a piece of Poyraz’s company. If Poyraz agrees, Murat will be the sole owner of Arkun Holding. On the other side, Murat is having difficulty getting Neslihan back. He tells Neslihan a heartfelt confession. In order for Neslihan to come back to him, he took custody of the kids since he could not let her go. In order to reunite with his children, he suggests leaving everything behind. Will Murat be able to realize his goals by getting back Neslihan and his shares?

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