Iyilik Episode 26 English Subtitles

Iyilik Episode 26 English Subtitles

The new Iyilik Episode 26 English Subtitles (The Goodness) has been released. In the end episode; Handan blames Neslihan for her son’s death. Watch the new 26th episode of İyilik,  What happened in the episode new episode on Friday, January 13th? 

Every Friday, the enduring FOX TV series “yolk” is able to keep viewers glued to the screens. Hatice Endil, Sera Kutlubey, and Smail Demirci are featured in the much-awaited new episode trailer of the show. Here are the trailer and summary for the 26th episode of Yilik.

Will Atilla’s Marriage Proposal Be Accepted by Neslihan? In the final scene of “Yilik,” Murat corners Poyraz after learning that he blamed Atilla for the murder. Murat wants the company’s shares back and threatens to report Poyraz’s story to the police. Murat, on the other hand, goes above and above to win Neslihan back and comes clean in the process.

Murat offers Neslihan the chance to start over with the kids and leave everything behind. Koray’s mother Gülseren, whose grave lies on the opposite side, gives all of her son’s possessions to Neslihan. While Poyraz’s death generates bewilderment, Neslihan’s marriage proposal shocks everyone, as seen in the new episode trailer. Here is the trailer and episode synopsis for Yilik’s 26th episode.

How did the last episode turn out?

Poyraz’s unexpected demise puts Damla in a new predicament. She makes the decision to make things go her way. Without a doubt, he makes sure Poyraz is blamed for Koray’s demise. The mother of Poyraz is from Handan. Damla entices him to join him and incites him to retaliate against Neslihan. After her kid died, Handan placed the blame on Neslihan. While Neslihan is addressing a fresh situation, Atilla makes a suggestion. Neslihan is unaware that she would be put to the test in front of one of her kids while all of this is going on. Despite Ahika’s adamant opposition, what will Neslihan decide?

Summary for episode 26 of Yilik

To get revenge on Neslihan, whom she held responsible for her son’s passing, Poyraz’s mother abducted Batu. The life of Batu is in peril. With the help of Atilla, Neslihan, and Murat scour the entire area looking for Batu. Will they succeed in locating Batu? Damla loses her kid, which was her only source of joy. He makes his way to the hospital’s terrace, where he is staying. He no longer desires to live.

Damla is still Gülseren’s top suspect in the death of her son Koray. In order to identify the true killer, she enlists the assistance of her nephew. Will Damla’s guilt as the murderer eventually be recognized? In an altercation with Atilla, Murat tries to grab his gun. There is also Neslihan. One of the three is struck by the gunshot that occurs during the battle.

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