Iyilik in English Subtitle

Iyilik Episode 22 English Subtitles

Iyilik Episode 22 English Subtitles

The new Iyilik Episode 22 English Subtitles (The Goodness) has been released. In the end episode; Neslihan cannot accept that Damla will be a stepmother to her children, but she cannot do anything because Murat has custody. Watch the new 22nd episode of İyilik,  What happened in the episode new episode on Friday, December 9th? 

On Friday, April 29 at 20:01, Fox Tv’s new serial “Iyilik,” starring Hatice “end,” “Smail Demirci,” “Sera Kutlubey,” and “Perihan Savaş,” premiered. The director of the MedYapm-produced television series “yolk” is Murat ztürk. Every Friday night, Fox TV airs the serial “Yilik,” which is an adaptation of the South Korean program “The Queen’s House.” Fox and Yilik’s 22nd episode trailer took over this space simultaneously. Beautiful Views

Iyilik Episode 22

Watch the trailer for Yilik’s episode 22! Watch the trailer for Yilik’s new episode 22 on YouTube. Yesterday evening, Fox TV aired the 22nd episode of the “yolk” series, which featured scenes brimming with suspense. The fans started looking for the new episode trailer as soon as the series came to an end. So, has the series’ newest episode’s trailer been made public? Here are all the details.

The series, which features popular performers including Hatice Endil, Ismail Demirci, and Sera Kutlubey, is directed by Murat Ztürk. Here is the trailer and episode recap for Yilik’s 22nd episode.

How did the last episode turn out?

Neslihan wed Poyraz in order to gain custody of her kids. The kids are pitted against their mothers by Murat. To begin a new life with Poyraz, he persuades Neslihan that he gave the kids to their father, and he makes every effort to keep Neslihan from seeing the kids. Koray has reportedly never traveled abroad. As part of their investigation, the police arrive at Damla’s door with some recently discovered evidence. Will it come to light that Damla murdered Koray?

Murat counterattacks out of jealous wrath and marries Damla. Neslihan finds it difficult to accept that Damla will be her children’s stepmother, but she is powerless to stop it because Murat has custody. To surprise everyone, Neslihan still finds a way to visit her kids.

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