Esaret Episode 231with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 231with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 231with English Subtitles. Episode 231 of Esaret It is going to be a lot of fun, and you guys will love watching it when it is released in front of you on Monday the 18th.

The mansion’s rising tension comes to an end. Orhan, all of the issues that arose between Hera and Orhan Herara have  resolved. Friday was instrumental in making this happen, and for that I am really grateful. They both resume their premarital preparations where they left off, and they are doing a great job of it. They don’t have any issues because of Oarhan’s game, Chiangir began to suffer a severe blow.

A constructive role

Heera controls the situation expertly, talking to Orhan and working through all the issues to try to calm him down. At night, she spends time with him, solving all of his difficulties and encouraging him to make a fresh choice. They sit together and decide on many things because he was not at all patient with the Quran, he wants us to be married more frequently, and he is not permitted to be put on anyone’s sim. They are giving each other time because they have adequate time to listen and comprehend one another. Everything is going great, Heera and Orhqn are overjoyed.

Chahangir and Nava have a really bad character. They don’t hide from the circumstance, they don’t sit comfortably, and they have other nasty thoughts.
After they both start pestering Oarhan with a fresh scheme, the trip there gets incredibly dull.
You guys are going to appreciate witnessing a lot of crazy things that happen in this episode. Thus, continue to follow the regimen.

Chiangir on its height

Time seems to be getting to Orhan, and he becomes irate when Chahangir declares that he would stop at nothing to get the Hira. Since being here, Orhan  witnessed a great deal, and now the reality revealed to him. He has a clear understanding of Hira after witnessing the reality with his own eyes. He occasionally learns about the traits of Nava and Jahangir’s pessimistic outlook and diabolical responses. Yes, he has heard what the voices are saying and has become enraged because they are attempting to hurt a poor person. He begins to despise Jagir greatly after learning about the circumstances and truth of Sitamarhi; he is deserving of contempt.
When Oarhan visits Chahangir to look into the civil dispute, Ouran becomes enraged and confronts him, slapping him.


Nava divulges to Oarhan a great deal of information about her brother’s fortune, but Jahangir accepts it and does nothing, believing it to be a ruse. Nava used to call Chahangir derogatory names in an attempt to gain Barhan’s trust because she wanted so much from him.
Her goal is to drive a wedge between them and incite animosity, which is why she is also manipulating the rest of us. Because her goal is flawing, she will  plagued with questions and unable to complete any task. She had a nasty mentality and hatred in her heart, so no matter how hard she tried, she could never find happiness. It’s not always easy to find love.

He hasn’t spread hatred, therefore if he truly wants love, he should say it today with open arms. Nis engulfed in a romantic storm. She is blind to what I am doing. She cannot discover love by inciting animosity between two people’s hearts. Because it’s an inheritance issue and everyone has turned avaricious as a result, the mansion’s condition  got much worse. Because of his avarice, he is damaging their lives together and causing problems in their marriage, which is making things difficult for them both.

Chiangir and Orhhan

These two are very different from one another, and after the money, they both realize that they shouldn’t stand by one another in whatever circumstance, and Jahangir won’t fall in love with them either. Yes, Jahangir eventually extends his forgiveness to him. His primary motivation is to bother them both; by doing so, he hopes to accomplish his objectives and win his love, which he is unable to do. One cannot force oneself to fall in love. There will be hate in love. Nobody is able to succeed in it. Who is able to incite enmity between two hearts in order to generate love?
Your soil reputation had been exposed to the public. He lost his life as a result of his negativity. This was why he could no longer keep quiet. It was clear now, his nasty nature was exposed to all. The entire mansion was aware of the falsehoods that Chiahangir was disseminating, and he was attempting to incite a battle between them while Allah was attempting to


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