Esaret Episode 225 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 225 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 225 with English Subtitles Promo for Episode 225 of Esaret Redemption.Episode 225 of Esaret features English subtitles.Inside, there was just anger.However, you ought to demonstrate to me what I should be considering.I promise not to let them harm you.I’ll Recover Everything.
What do you want in exchange for the shares you receive, Orhun enquired?

Cihangir declared, “I desire everything.”Orhan answered him.You’ll get nothing even if you’re after everything.Nava informed Orhan that her brother had instructed her to offer her apologies.only because you were asked for an explanation by my brother.I remember those earrings from somewhere, hira said to Orhan.Nava tells AFIFA after speaking with her.

I observed one of them in the hotel room of my brother.It was said that Heera and her brother were in the hotel room.Heera is asked by Afifa, “What’s up, where are your earrings?”Tell me Heera defends herself.But she is silenced by the afifa.Hira is quite upset.Afifa core is thought to be Orhan, though, thinks that Hira exists. Saying,

“You don’t need to worry, I am with you,” he grips her hands. You don’t need to worry since I’m here to support you; I know the true purpose for the spice. Yet, Heera is questioned by aFIFA about her whereabouts and her earrings. You have to have been in the hotel room with Cihangir.Afeefa has a lot of doubts about Hira because of Nava.Orhan, love is real; it never fails to uplift Hira. Heera is surviving in this mansion because of orhun.

English subtitles for episode 225 of Esaret

Hi there, I hope this essay helps those who wish to orhun and hira to have a child. Check out the latest esaret series episodes by visiting my website!What’s going on with the Esaret serial now? The suspense peaked at that moment!
Following Orhan’s injuries, things have now gotten out of control.Orhun returned from prison in order to get his revenge. However, Perihan has become allies with our adversaries.

He is the opponent of Orhaan. He desires to work with his adversaries to destroy him.Discover what happens in the upcoming episode of the Esaret series by reading the article through to the end.Nava took advantage of Naya’s arrangement as soon as Afifa accepted it. once her offer had been computed.Nava made her status known. Naya and her brother made a large game.

She now desired to ensnare Heera in the vocal prevent Orhun and Heera from getting married and from being able to live together.He then informed Afifa that Heera and my brother were staying in the hotel room. And I’ve witnessed them in appalling condition.They behaved as though they were in a romantic relationship.

Afifa started to have doubts about Heera and questioned her. Where are your earrings, Heera? I said.Heera becomes agitated and remarks, “I have no idea where my earrings went.” And Afifa’s skepticism gives way to belief.He tells him, “I’m with you, don’t worry; I understand the entire game,” since he throws diamonds and we both understand the rules of the game.

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