Esaret Episode 224 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 224 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 224 with English Subtitles Promo for Episode 224 of Esaret Redemption.Episode 224 of Esaret with English subtitles.The return of Ourhun is in episode 224.

“Are you getting a procession of me?” Kanan asks the Nursah in the next scenario. Kanan is told by Nursah, “No, I don’t need to be jealous.” This is my city, Esra, she says him; you don’t have to follow it. I won’t put up with you again after this.If you attempt to stick again, it will not go well.
When Afife meets Orhun, she is furious.”I only have one son, and I don’t want to lose him,” she says. I shall be nowhere if you are not with me.So I’ll be a rabbit and do whatever it takes to save you. You are the most precious thing I own.

I have nothing more. There is nothing and nothing more vital than your there’s no reason for concern.

English subtitles for episode 223 of Esaret.

With time, Cihangir’s interest in Hira will grow more passionate.Heera does not care about the Cihangir and shows no interest in him in spite of this. Cihangir was first determined.This action broke her calm. Sometimes, Cihangir will attempt a number of strategies to get Hira’s attention.Approaching Her Romantic Gestures and Sometimes that Might Interest Her was the subject of discussion

.Heera kept this information from Orhan.Orhan experiences no harm as a result of Hira.For if Heera had informed Orhun that K Cihangir was bothering her.Orhun would injure and murder.Heera chose not to disclose anything.

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