Yali Capkini Episode 51 With English Subtitles

Yali Capkini Episode 51 With English Subtitles

Yali Capkini Episode 51 With English Subtitles You guys are going to see Yali Capkini Episode 51 when it releases the next week. You guys will have fun watching this hilarious episode.
In this episode, Farhad and Afa cross paths. In exchange, a lot of people tan each other heavily and wait for rage. Standing beside them, Sira is keeping an ear out for everything.

Sultan arrives in Saira and informs her that Ifaqat has sent her away quickly. She has come to you, ma’am, bearing a message from Ifaqat. Saira rushes to iIfaqat and says, “Don’t send Sultan to me like this; message me yourself if you have anything to say.” After a lengthy talk, Saira tells Fakat, “I don’t like it when you send Sultan to me like this.” He claimed it’s not like that, but I don’t enjoy that he is with me. If you have any problems, please write me directly. I wonder why this happened.

Sultan and Sabiqa

Did he do something wrong? They both have the greatest cell phone, and she leaves after they have talked for a while. This was the revelation of his remark, according to which Sahara said, “You will not cause any trouble in the court of me and Farhat; you should let us live, and you should not trouble us repeatedly.” Saira then departs from him.
Sulan sabiqa

The Sultan informed all of us that our new bride is terrified of us. She seemed too young for us, so we awkwardly coined the term “bf.”The audience asks why he is so envious, but she responds, “I didn’t say anything to him, but he walks with us all the time.” It’s not like that, you will definitely eat something from him. I really don’t appreciate this new bride’s attitude, which is really bad.

Palin and Farhad

When Farhat arrives at Palan’s house, Fard enters first, opens the door, and takes a position in front. Says Farhat, “Are you really that good? You continue in this manner.” Thereafter, they converse extensively about Sardar, and he declares that you won’t meet or speak with Samajdar since he is an extremely rude man. Palin believes that Sardar is a decent man; you are demeaning him, and he is not a horrible man. After studying for five minutes, he becomes very irate at night and stays with the issue for however long it takes.

The unfortunate thing is that the former has developed the horrible habit of abusing every married man with a glance. The latter has a really serious habit, and she has to be rescued from it. She smiles at Firat as if she’s attempting to trap him, out of habit, until she watches him go. She should ideally stop attending the school because of this terrible recollection, but she doesn’t and continues to engage in this habit with great freedom.

Saira and Farhad

When Fard returns, he wakes Saira from her sleep and asks her to tell her father something. He begins by speaking normally before insulting. Sir, I wonder how you would feel if I mistreat your father and why you do it. Will you also turn into a horrible person? Shraddha asks, “I thought of you as a relation, but you also turned out to be bad like this.” At that point, the difference begins to yell and say odd things since he is driven by habit.
When they finally meet, he speaks highly of both of them and claims that Saira will set Farhat straight because she is so correct. Is there a chance that things will improve for them both? She is just like herself; she acts and thinks precisely as her father does. As a result, she acts and thinks exactly how a thinking person does. Both of them mentioned this during their conversation.
Even Hathouz is purposefully not eating here. While they are seated together, Kalis asks her, “Why isn’t she eating?” I have to eat with her, she says. You should not do this and eat food, he warns Kasimo. It is better for your health that you eat food because if you don’t, your health will deteriorate and that is what will happen to me. She gives me a lot of explanations, but she is purposefully making me pretend that I am going on a hunger strike and not eating at all.

Farhads shouting

Here you have it—during their argument, she becomes quite irate because she isn’t dressing femininely and questions why she is acting like a teenager with her boyfriend. When Sardar visits Penny, he comforts her while Spalding sobs. Why are you stopping, he asks? I drove at me when I arrived at the base, she claims. She is furious. “Don’t worry, I will see Farhat,” he understands. Before you threatened everyone, he wasn’t like that. “I will definitely see her,” he said. “Don’t you worry?” He comforts him and then, after a protracted sitting, gets up to go. To be able to demonstrate everything, in actuality, she shouldn’t be acting in this manner; instead, she need to be enjoying her intelligence. Since two people may fight and she can get hurt, she shouldn’t speak to them in this manner.

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