Adim Farah Episode 28 With English Subtitle

Adim Farah Episode 28 English Subtitle

The final date for the series Adım Farah, starring Engin Akyürek and Demet Özdemir, has been clarified. According to media reports, the series will meet its viewers for the last time with its 27th episode.

The Step Farah series, which domestic series fans showed more interest in the first season, revealed a different story in the second season. However, when this new story did not please the audience, significant changes were made.

There was also a change of days in the series My Name is Farah, and the series, which aired on Saturday evenings, experienced a rapid decline in ratings.

The series, which had difficulty in maintaining its success in the first season in the second season, found great support, especially from foreign series fans. The fact that there was a very intense support campaign in the social media environment was also due to the meeting of Engin Akyürek and Demet Özdemir in the leading roles.

It is stated that the 27th episode of the My Name Farah series will meet the audience for the last time on Saturday, December 30.

The fact that the series Adım Farah has even come to this point was realized as a result of both the great support of foreign series fans and the impressive cooperation of Engin Akyürek and Demet Özdemir.

Mehmet proposed to Bade, but I didn’t like the emotion I felt in this proposal. It was as if the man wanted to marry Bade to relieve his loneliness, not out of love. But the way he fell was funny, just like the kind of man befitting a man of wood like Mehmet. If I were Bade, I wouldn’t have accepted the offer either. The secret she keeps from the man is so great that she forgets about it and does not build a nest.

However, she tells Mehmet the truth, and he accepts Bade as such, and this marriage is like that. But I’m afraid that this Mehmet will turn his back on Bade as well as Tahir. Perhaps Gönül breaks down when she hears about what Bade and Farah went through and learns that Tahir sacrificed himself for them. Before I forget, it wasn’t nice for Bade to tell her that Bakr was better than Tahir in this scene. Not so much. At the beginning of the first season, Tahir Ali was Ghalib’s right-hand man, but he could never compete with Bakr in ruthlessness and ruthlessness. Bekir was far ahead, he didn’t even know women and children.

I never thought Elijah would end up so stupid. Officially, Farah may even have died because she didn’t perform CPR properly. ^^ What kind of scene was that? Farah, who would normally have to perform CPR for minutes, massaged the man for thirty seconds and said, “He’s dead.” In fact, when Farah told me that Ilyas had died, I thought for a moment, “Is there something involved?” but it was literally a script or shooting error.

At the very least, İlyas was shot dead by a bullet from Mehmet’s gun, whom he betrayed, and Mehmet is considered to have taken his revenge a little. But it’s still not fair that he died unpunished. I would have preferred that he had been in prison for life, that he had been sentenced to life imprisonment. It didn’t even turn out to be Alperen’s real killer.

Dude, the whole chain of events in the series started with this murder, how can you ignore it? He could have admitted that he had taken responsibility for Orhan’s crimes before he did not die and went to prison. Orhan is still wandering around. In a nutshell, his death only caused a brief period of uneasiness about Behnam’s dispatch, that’s all. Kemal Burak Alper portrayed the character so well for 2 seasons that he made İlyas hate. Good luck to your efforts, may the path be clear.

It was good that Gönül finally learned the truth. The devil thought her father was an angel, my naïve daughter. Thankfully, in this way, it was also back to factory settings. Throughout the episode, the character of Orhan had a name, but he did not exist. I would understand if this was before the character returned to the series, but now it seems ridiculous.

For example, even if he wasn’t with Farah and Tahir, we could see him at his home, and we could see if he would be suspicious of Gönül’s behavior when they met Gönül. I also liked the way Perihan and Gönül commiserated about Orhan and partly Bekir. When Perihan doesn’t burn and talk to the other person like a human being, her scenes are enjoyable.

Like Gönül, I think that she is still standing by Orhan’s side out of fear. Otherwise, he knows that Orhan has no feelings for him, and he even said that he could easily spend it. Obviously, if Orhan finds out in the finale that Gönül knows the truth, he can do something to Perihan. However, both Farah and Perihan kept emphasizing that Gönül was Orhan’s weakness and that he was the only person he really loved. I expect serious developments on the Gönül and Orhan front in the final. Maybe he thinks that he has harmed Orhan Gönül and commits suicide.

Behnam’s situation is summed up by the sentence “He who goes hunting, hunts.” While he was making plans to take Karimshah back by learning what was going on in that house with the car he bought for Karimshah, he was first deprived of his mother and uncle, then of the shipment he planned to blow up in turn, of his son, and in the finale, of his official freedom.

He has paid the penalty for all the evil he has done so far. However, I now believe in the sincerity of his love for Karimshah. Like Farah, she was distraught when her son was taken from her. But he was not only grieving the loss of a son, but also clearly jealous of losing Farah. However, a person who loves wants to be with whom he loves, wherever he is happy.

It was clear to us that what Behnam felt for Farah was not love, just great passion; That’s why he was selfish. That’s why he wanted both Tahir and himself to die. He didn’t want Tahir to win while he lost, neither Farah nor Karimshah. A sentence that Behnam said to Tahir was also very remarkable. Officially, she was jealous that Tahir was not only the man Farah loved, but also the man she could never be. Even if their roles were reversed in the construction scene he was talking about, Karimshah would have been left without a father, he would not have saved Tahir.

Farah’s compassion for Behnam as the father of her son didn’t bother me either. That’s his nature: to keep alive. If the man had died, he would have carried the guilt of this for years, it is meaningless.

In the end, we said goodbye to Behnam and the Iranian characters, oh my God. I don’t think a character should necessarily die just because they’re leaving the show. Thank you for not writing this tedious cliché to Behnam, Rahshan, Akbar and Merjan. If anyone is saddened by Behnam’s departure, I would like to remind him of the following sentence: Compassion is born of mercy.

Don’t forget what Behnam has put our favorite characters, especially Farah and Tahir, through since the first day he arrived. Yes, none of us liked Behnam, we even hated him, we wanted him to return to Iran as soon as possible, but it was great to watch Feyyaz Duman. Good luck to your efforts, may the path be clear.

Rahshan and Akbar ended up as they deserved. This is the punishment for their relationship, according to their hometown. Rahshan once slandered Farah, he was at least as responsible for her and Gulsima’s suffering as Behnam, he was not punished for it, on the contrary, he reunited with Akbar and enjoyed himself. Akbar, on the other hand, was trying to make sense,

he was going to find out about Behnam’s illegal dealings and give him information, he seemed to be a good person, but on the contrary, he was there for a dirty cop. Like everyone else who worked for Orhan, he had to be punished somehow. I think that both characters do not give what is expected in the series and are mostly ineffective. Akbar, in particular, was a big disappointment for me. Nevertheless, it was nice to watch Hatice Aslan and Burak Tamdoğan again, thank you for your efforts.

What was Merjan’s ending? He made mistakes, but I liked him the most among Iranians. He was the Iranian character who contributed the most to the story flow after Behnam. Farah’s head almost hurt because of him, but I still don’t think she deserves death or solitary confinement. I hope that he has gone abroad and built a new life for himself. Farah was to blame for him, but by shooting Behnam, he equalized his mistake.

Thanks to him, not only did Behnam and Tahir not shoot each other, but Behnam was also persuaded to return to Iran. So, if Merjan was going to disappear so suddenly, why did we have the perception that Merjan and Hızır Yılmaz would be a couple last week? Apparently it was over before SpeedMer began. Was this new pair to be written when the original pair was not being processed properly? Mine is also words. I watched Sera Kutlubey for the first time with this series. I think it’s capable and the screen light is pretty good. I wish you success in your new projects.

Although Bekir and Hızır Yılmaz have become a great duo, is it a joke that they have not had a scene together for two weeks while we are waiting to see Engin Akyürek and Genco Özak on opposite stages? Frankly, I feel like a finger of honey has been stolen from our mouths. As for the stage; If Bekir had not left these jobs, these two would have done very well together and made the dust of the world. I got that energy in the scenes with Kürşat. Still, I feel like they’ll move on as buddies.

It is a good development that Kerimşah started school and another dream came true. I cried a lot with him in the first episode when he was counting his dreams, and now I’m laughing with him again. In the scene where they put Karimshah on the shuttle, Farah’s demeanor was incredibly realistic, it wasn’t like a role at all. It’s time for our actress to become a mother. ^^ On the first day, parents take the children to school and even wait outside.

Our kid got on the shuttle. It will be missed for sure. How was such nonsense written if it was not to be missed? Also, why have they become so normalized when the Orhan issue has not yet been closed? Couldn’t the school have waited a little longer?

The episode ended in a rather unexciting, intriguing place. However, the first trailer from the final episode is quite intriguing. My understanding is that the possibility of imprisonment is not for anyone, but it seems that everyone will think that Tahir is dead. In the trailer, there is talk of Tahir dying so much that he vomits. I don’t think Tahir, whose life has been full of pain, will not die, he should not die, this would not be a fair ending. I’m looking forward to the finale with a heavy heart. Believe me, I’m not ready to say goodbye at all…

Good luck to everyone who contributed. How did you guys find this episode?

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