Yali Capkini For everyone saying Seyran never fought for Ferit

For everyone saying Seyran never fought for Ferit :

Everytime Seyran left Ferit was because of something he did and a part of him going after her each time was because he didn’t want to lose her but also because by bringing Seyran back he thinks he fixes his mistakes which us a humanly behavior

Seyran was the first one to start fighting for their love because she was the one that went and kissed Ferit at the airport with hope that after this kiss they were gonna start their relationship as a real couple but Ferit left her disappointed when he left the restaurant to go to Pelin

After Ferit left her in the restaurant eventhough they were flirting with each other the whole day,Seyran lost hope that this relationship can go any further since Ferit insists on keeping pelin in their lives so she decided to leave for the first time thinking ot was all over

Seyran fought for Ferit again in ep 20 even after he bought pelin to the mansion , stayed the night at her house ,was secretly meeting pelin without telling Seyran constantly saying he had somewhere important to go humiliated Seyran with her father and stopped her from working with efe

Seyran gave their relationship a last chance because of all the injustices she saw herself go through ,by throwing pelin out of the yali like suna said she fought for Ferit and her marriage she made it clear that she doesn’t want pelin in their lives and Ferit told her that he loves her

After thinking that Ferit had completely cut ties with pelin she was always going through constant shocks whenever she was trying to take a step forward with their relationship and after the hand incident she lost all hope that their relationship had any love

After everything that happened between them and they both realized how they loved each other not only Ferit was fighting for Seyran infront of his family and pelin but Seyran also was fighting for Ferit with her father ,Tarik ,the Korhans and Pelin

Seyran again fought for Ferit after their second marriage,she could have left when knowing his relationship with Sultan, or when she was given pills or when he left her alone and went clubbing or when she saw him kiss another woman but she stayed and wanted to start a family

Staying through the hardships is also a way of fighting for a relationship eventhough Seyran had many thing bottled up inside her she decided to ignore them and move on but her biggest hit is when she found out about pelin she was all her confidence in Ferit love was destroyed

Seyran realized how everyone was making a fool out of her how Ferit was lying to her, how she and him were in total different worlds and the she was the only one living in the magical world he build for them ,she lost hope in his love and was tired of fighting for him

And the worst part was that after pelin pregnancy news her sorrow didnt stop there Seyran started finding out about how Ferit kissed her belly, how he was in constant contact with pelin and then he started his stupid revenge and his attempts to make her jealous like it wasn’t enough

Seyran fought for Ferit as much as he fought for her but the difference is that he always saw something worth fighting for in her but Seyran always had a hard time finding something to fight for in Ferit after all his betrayals I’m sick of seeing people saying Seyran didn’t fight for Ferit

They both loved each other and fought for each other that’s why they were able to get married a second time,Seyran didn’t leave Ferit every time she had the chance , she left everytime she found nothing to fight for its hard fighting for Ferit when he’s having a baby with Pelin.

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