Yali Capkini Episode 54 Great analysis

Just finished watching 53 : Ferit’s and Seyran’s faceoff at the beginning was the best scene 🎬. Their power play is sexy 🤌🏻 Ferit is still in the wrong path & struggling. He picked Halis over his life with Seyran as Gulgun said. Who is the real family for Ferit? Will it be Seyran & his soon to be children or his grand father with his fake brand?

He knows he doesn’t want to marry any more as he told Pelin and Seyran is celebrating her early single life too 😂 will these two singles come together any time soon 😊❤️?

The nukhet’s speech to Kazim was great 👏🏻
Seyran and Esme’s section emotional and touching 🤌🏻
Seyran’s section at school was powerful 👏🏻 and inspiring.

Safika-Gulgun-Seyran’s scene was fav #2 as it leads to key events in 54. Latif is actually rich and has multiple stores and is the brand owner. Wow 😮 So Halis Korhan is a fake brand. It would be nice to see what Seyran offers Latif. Is Nevra related to Latif or Korhans? Nevra-Ferit’s scenes were too long and dialogs boring & confusing!

In one hand Ferit tells Abdin he is after the brand and needs her for it to portray a different image (why does he need her to change the image?), On the other hand Ferit wants to show Seyran he is over her? Moreover, he wants to bring old Ferit korhan out! All in all, we can say he is struggling with himself, somewhat confusing what Ferit’s goals are!

At the end, it was good to see Ferit could resist the temptation and confront himself, facing his real emotions about Seyran. He is still married and he still loves Seyran. He is a changed man already no matter how he tries to be old Ferit. He faced himself in the mirror, he remembered his words and Seyran’s words that “we didn’t learn how to love, if I extend my hand, will you leave your family and come build a life with me, promise. I will be always your wife…”

Lastly, We really need more seyfer scenes … the episode was too try without them.

FAV #1 the best scene of the episode was Seyfer scene. Their chemistry and acting 👍🏻🎭 the stand off of the two leads, challenging each other. Their love and hate relationship was on display. Seyran’s disbelief on how low Ferit can go and her determination to become successful despite his mockery of her ability to stand up on her feet 👣 and lack of resources.

Their power play was sexy specially when Seyran put her hand on his arm “if you show up on my path…, I will take you one by one.” Ferit likes strong 💪🏻 Seyran and her challenges subconsciously. After the conversation, Ferit shook himself back to reality, his game face umasked, he looked disturbed then bent down and picked up the ring that he had thrown in Seyran’s face moments ago.

Is it all a game? Was there some element of disappointed and worries what if I loose her in this process? Too risky! Not sure what he is calculating in his head other than I have to do this for now until I get my own brand, Seyran decided to leave let her deal with the consequences of her own action. Also, it can’t all be for a game.

Ferit is mad at Seyran, lost after her departure, and questioning her love for him after the interview, but at the same time, he needs to reflect on his role in this mess, everything he did before and after the interview. We saw a bit of self reflection at the end of 53.

At some point, after self reflection, he needs to show to Seyran & Gulgun he is not like his father and grand father but at the moment he is acting like them.
Kudos to Mert and Afra for their great actinge.

FAV #2 hard to choose
📌 mother & son 💔
📌 the ladies who will beat Korhan men

1-Gulgun-Seyran-Safika scene = 🔥 💣 it’s one of the best scenes because it opens up the plot for upcoming episodes. Halis Korhan brand is a fake one! Latif is actually the real brand and he is rich with multiple stores. Can’t wait to know what Seyran’s & Latif’s Partnership would bring for her & Ferit.

This maybe the store Ferit really wants 😂 but he can’t get 🧐
The queen Seyran (the most powerful piece in chess) ♟️ has power over The Rock Latif♟️ (the second powerful piece)

2- Gulgun-Ferit scene. Emotional and well played 👏🏻 Mert was so handsome in that scene too 🤏🏻❣️ really don’t get why some people blame Gulgun, Seriously? The guy fooled his mom and his wife, teamed up and protected his tyrant grand father and his fake brand! Game or no game what Ferit did was deceitful. Ferit is playing in the wrong side at the moment.

The problem with spoiled rich kids is that no matter what wrong they do the parents hugs them and forgive them. 53 is different from 19 with regard to Gulgun and Ferit relationship. Ferit thought just like 19 his sweet tongue & flowers would buy her mom’s affection & forgiveness but it didn’t, Gulgun didn’t forgive him for what he did.

Ferit is an adult now his actions has consequences and it’s time to learn. A marriage is a foundation for creating one’s own family. Seyran was supposed to be his family and mother of his children not his grand father. We get he is sad about what Seyran did but his action was deceitful. Ferit was surprised why his mom took Seyran’s side, a girl from different family as he put it.

But Seyran is not just a girl from a different family, she is his wife, his supposedly main family to protect all this time. Plus when her own son decided to deceive her mom and his wife that girl (from a different family) stayed with Gulgun so she is not alone even though she could leave. That girl was the same girl who supported his mom when his dad kicked her out of the car without a penny. Self reflection time for Ferit to assess his priority in life

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