Yali Capkini Episode 74 scenario for the beginning of Season 3

Yali Capkini Episode 74 scenario for the beginning of Season 3

We start the episode with a time lapse
5 years later, we see Ferit and Seyran leaving the airport with a 4-year-old girl in their hands
Masal : Dad, Mom, where are we going?
Ferit : My beautiful, we will go to your grandfather, grandmother, aunt, and aunt’s husband. Do you want?
Masal: Of course I want to

Ferit : Then hold your mother and I’s hand and we will take you there

Masal held their hands again and they headed to the car and went to that palace where they lived their best and worst days./

They entered the palace while everyone was waiting for them with eagerness and enthusiasm

When Seyran got out of the car, Suna ran to her and hugged her

Suna : My dear sister, are you okay? I miss you so much

Seyran with a smile: Fine, my sister, don’t be afraid, my beautiful, and I miss you very much

Ferit : Don’t you miss me, Baldez?

Suna : I sure missed you and I hugged you both while Masal slowly got out of the car, Seyran picked her up and held Ferit’s hand and they continued on their way inside the palace.

They entered the palace and found everyone there waiting for them, astonished by Masal and wondering who she was.

Gulgun ran and hugged them because she missed them so much

Gulgun: Oh, how much I miss you, my daughter, Seyran. Are you okay?

Seyran : Fine, mother Gulgun

They greeted everyone and told them about what had happened to them and also about their knowledge of Seyran’s pregnancy, while she was sick and had gone through a lot and a lot.

Ferit : Masal, my beautiful woman, this is your grandmother’s Gulgun, this is your grandfather’s Orhan, this is your aunt’s Suna, and Abidin. You can say that he is your uncle, and this is Kaya, your aunt’s husband. Do you understand me?

He asked kindly : Yes, Dad, I understand, but can I speak in English?


Ferit : Of course, my beautiful, talk to me. Are you tired and want to sleep?

Masal : Yes, and I want you and my mother to sleep with me, please

Ferit : Of course, my beautiful one, Seyran

Seyran : Okay, I held Ferit’s hand and they headed to their room


They entered the Seyfer and Masal’s room, and Seyran remembered everything that happened in this room and smiled

Masal : Is this your room? It is very large

Seyran smiled : Yes, my daughter, she is beautiful, right

Masal : Very much ☺️


Ferit : Come on, my beautiful, come to sleep with us. I will be in the middle and you will be next to me, one on the right and one on the left.

Masal excitedly : Hey, my father lives.

The two men laughed at her cuteness, changed their clothes, and lay down on the bed

Ferit : Should I tell you a story or do you sleep right away?

Masal : Father, tell us the story of who succeeded you, Lutfan

Ferit : How are you, my beautiful woman?


Seyran , what’s wrong, don’t talk? Are you okay, my dear?

Masal : Mom, you were always talking to us, what’s wrong with you?

Seyran : Nothing. I just remembered the past and got a little distracted. Come on, Ferit , read us a story

Ferit : Okay, what do you want me to tell you?

Masal placed her index finger on her head as if she was thinking, then replied: Mmm, what do you think, mother, of the story of “Beauty and the Beast?”

Seyran : Beautiful, I love this story.


Ferit : Fine then, Beauty and the Beast

While Ferit was telling the story, Seyran and Masal fell into a deep sleep. Ferit saw them and kissed them on the head, and he fell asleep as well.

Seyran woke up at around 4 am to Masal’s voice, having a nightmare and sweating due to fever.

Seyran rushed to wake up Ferit so they could take her to the hospital

Ferit : What happened to her?

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