Yali Capkini Episode 74 beginning of the episode

Yali Capkini Episode 74 beginning of the episode

The sequel to the third season of my imagination

The episode starts with the ambulance taking Seyran who was unconscious and

Ferit is holding her hands while crying and begging to save her

Ferit : please save her

Ambulance man: calm down sir we will do it must

And an ambulance man was watching vital signs of heart pressure and heartbeat.

He noticed the pressure dropping down and talked to the driver

Ambulance man Saad: You have to hurry up a little

Ferit noticed this and started screaming

Ferit : What is happening to Seyran? Come on, tell me

Ambulance man Saad: Just calm down. Her blood pressure is starting to go down. Don’t worry, we will get to the hospital

Ferit started crying and holding Seyran’s head

Ferit : Don’t be afraid, I’m by your side. Be patient a little

As for the Korhan family, they followed them to the hospital, and Suna was with Kaya, screaming. Suna: My sister will die because of me. Kaya: Calm down, Suna. Seyran will not die. Don’t worry, and he started hugging her.

As for Esme, she was crying and calling Seyran’s name, and Kazim was shocked by what he saw a short while ago, and Gulgun was calming her down, and Orhan was with Kazim, and Hatice, Halis, ifakat, and Latif were all in one car, going to the hospital.

The ambulance arrived at the hospital where Seyran was going, and Ferit wanted to stay with her, but the nurse did not allow him. He kept waiting and felt collapsed. The whole family arrived in a state of panic, and here Ferit turned to Suna and started screaming while she was crying.

Ferit : Oh Suna, how can you hide this matter from me?

How can you do this?

Suna: I wanted to tell you, but Seyran prevented me and did not want to, so I wanted to take her to London.

Ferit : But you had to come to me first, and when Ferit was screaming at Suna, Kaya grabbed him to calm down, and then…

He began to remember his hurtful words to Seyran when she told him, “I want to go to London with my sister.” He sat on a chair, put his hand on his head, and began to blame himself.

Ferit : how stupid I am, how could I not think about it, Gulgun? Okay, calm down, son.

Orhan: Don’t worry, my son, Seyran is a strong girl and she will be fine

Ferit : How can I calm my wife is sick and I don’t know anything

Ferit was going to keep blaming Suna until the doctor came

To talk to them and invite them to his room.

In the doctor’s room

Ferit : Doctor, how is Seyran? Is she okay??

Doctor: We made an urgent intervention and we will take her to the room, but! !

Ferit with fear: But what happened???

Doctor, I will explain the matter to you. When Seyran came here to us and brought her tests, the diagnosis of the disease was a malignant tumor.

At this moment everyone was surprised

Ferit : Ney what?

Doctor, calm down, it was not like that. We repeated the tests and discovered that it was just a medical error and that it was a benign tumor, but there were uterine deformities most likely due to the beating.

At this moment everyone is looking at Kazim and Ferit was about to attack him so that a doctor could speak

Doctor: I have good news for you: Seyran Hanem is pregnant

Everyone was shocked, and Ferit did not know whether to laugh or cry

Ferit : What are you saying, Doctor?

Doctor: But this pregnancy will be dangerous, especially with the presence of this tumor

Ferit : Can I see her?

Doctor: wait a little we will take her to the room and you will see her

Ferit was going to attack Kazim, Kaya and Abidin would stop him, and Abidin would take him out of the hospital, while Sona was looking angrily at Kazim, who sat alone and far from everyone.

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