Yali Capkini Episode 73 with English Subtitles

Yali Capkini Episode 73 with English Subtitles

Yali Capkini Episode 73 with English Subtitles,At the doctor:
ida: Good morning, Seyran, how are you?
Seyran: Fine, thank God.
Ida: We have a new guest today.
Seyran with a smile: Yes, I know you, Ferit, my husband.
Ida: Nice to meet you, Mr. Ferit.
Ferit : I am honored.
Ida: Are you taking good care of your wife during this period?
Ferit : Of course, whatever my princess needs, I am ready to meet it.
ida: Oh good, you’re very lucky, Seyran.
Seyran shyly: Yes šŸ˜Š.
Ida: Sit here, let’s do some tests.
Ferit : Is everything okay?
Ida: Yes, the little one is in good health. He will see. Are you taking the vitamins I prescribed for you?

Seyran: Actually, I had a recent health problem and I had no room to take them.
ida : Seyran, I warned you not to take them for the sake of fetal growth.
Seyran: I know, but.
Ferit with fear: Is it a danger to him?
Ida: If you don’t take them, yes, it may be dangerous. In general, don’t worry. He is in good health now.
Seyran was crying: I’m sorry, Ferit šŸ˜­ I didn’t take good care of our child.
Ferit : Sss, Seyran, calm down, there is nothing. Look, even ida says that he is in good health.


Ida: My dear, your child will be fine. He just needs to take extra care of him. He should not get angry, cry, or anything like that, especially in the early stages.
Ferit : I heard my princess, come on, donā€™t cry.
Seyran : Well, thank you, Ida.
Ida; Pardon me, my dear. It is my duty. We have finished. You can go to our appointment after a month of running. Donā€™t forget.
Seyran: I will have a meeting.

in car .
Seyran: Ferit, I want to ask you something, and I hope you donā€™t refuse me.
Ferit kissed her hand gently: Of course, I do everything my princess asks of me.
Seyran: To say, I remember that little girl.
Ferit interrupted her: Do you mean Ratal?
Seyran: Yes, exactly, Ferit. I loved her very much. This is a girl I want to see šŸ„¹.
Ferit : By God, and I loved her, well, we will go to her.
Seyran: Oh really, thank you, my love.
After a while, they arrived at Toulin Restaurant, and Seyran went downstairs looking for a retinue.
Toylin : Hello, my daughter, Seyran, how are you?
Seyran: Hello, Aunt Toulin, fine, and you?
Toulin: Praise be to God. Please, my daughter, sit down. I will take your request.
Seyran: Actually, I came to see Ratal. Is she there?
Toulin : Oh yes, she’s sitting there, that little troublemaker. Shall I call her for you?
Seyran: Don’t bother, I really wanted to surprise her.
Toulin : Okay.

Their inner child spoke, and they hugged each other; They knew each other from familiar places. When they were put in the same room as two separate worlds, they realized how much they were the same over time, and that they were tested by the same pains. The enemy became comrades.

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The place where Ferit angrily said, “Is this your comradeship?” hurt me so much. I felt it so hard where it was broken… He didn’t need to explain most of it to Seyran, because he already knew and understood most things. For the first time, she thought that Seyran did not understand her, that she had fallen away from her, that she was out of the pain she was in.

They had always found each other and healed the love they could not see from their families. “You are so lucky to have good memories with your father. Your father will always love you unconditionally and be proud of you,” Seyran tried to console her. Because he had “not been able to live” with his father; Even if he dies, he will remember very few memories that will remain in his mind. He always longed for a father who was unconditionally proud of him and had a mountain of support behind him… There was a loud and vocal anger towards his father in his past.

Yali Capkini Episode 73 English

UnlikeĀ Ferit, it is a quiet loneliness. It is a huge state of uniqueness where he looks very happy from the outside, is loved, people are around him, and whatever he wants is done. Everyone lived in their room because they had their pain. He didn’t have an older sister and a mother who hugged each other in the face of the only enemy like Seyran. There were unhappiness imprisoned in the rooms, everyone wore their masks with smiling faces and sat around that huge table.

Orhan’s marriage, which seemed to accept everything Halis imposed on him from the very beginning, but whose “soul” was taken away, and his disappearance in the order he tried to keep up with while carrying many different excitements and dreams, caused Ferit to never reach his father.

“We were able to be father and son with him, and now he was learning from his mistakes. My mother and I had come to love each other, as I had imagined in my childhood.”

But not always sons learn from their fathers, do they?

Like the reckoning of every day when Orhan submits to Halis, for whom he does not fight for his dreams and wishes, Ferit, who stood up to his grandfather, who did not give up his wishes from his wife no matter what, taught him a lot. He constantly saw that it was easiest to blame fate and his father, and that there was no excuse for his wife’s constant running away and undoing thing, upset by all the bad things he had done under this pretext. BecauseĀ FeritĀ could walk the same paths and behave differently.

Yali Capkini Episode 73 English Subtitles

“I regret so much that I followed my grandfather and acted like him”

AndĀ FeritĀ finally understood… His older brother and father were despised by his grandfather because they did not appear to be “brilliant heirs”.Ā FeritĀ used to bless his grandfather’s love; He understood that his grandfather, whom he admired, actually cared about him only because he had similar characteristics to him, otherwise he would humiliate him like his brother.Ā 

He was secretly jealous of the more devoted relationship between his father and brother; He understood that it was two rotten eggs clinging to each other. “I was always angry with my brother, it turned out that he wasn’t me, he just told his grandfather that it was ‘to be visible’ to you.

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His mighty grandfather was now down in his eyes. He looked down on it. Tiny left “The child in me said it hurts” then… While the death of his brother was a personal pain, the death of his father was a loss that placed the burden of his entire family on his shoulders. He knew that he could never be a child again, that he had nowhere to run.Ā 

Everything that was missing from his carefree smile turned into a dull look and blank eyes. Because of his compassion, the gun that went off at his father kept whispering that he should never be the same person again.

He told me the prayer he had hidden inside him in his last innocent true form, which he would never utter again. “I beg God to show me my father, but I can’t see him, and I can’t see him from now on.”Maybe from now on, he and his father would laugh, hug and be happy without thinking about anything in their dreams; Maybe his brother would have come too…

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