Yali Capkini Episode 64 New leaks and sudden leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 64 New leaks

Episode 63 is a very beautiful episode in which a wonderful comedy but do not forget the origin of the details in which it appeared

I have expectations for you that will shock you.

I expected Seyran that she would come back to take revenge

From Halis to the last person in the palace

Her reaction to Latif and Halis shows that she will not have mercy on anyone and will not be merciful when she surrenders to the responsibility of the palace and knows their treachery to the death of her aunt Hatice .

ifakat the director will open her topic through her plan for Hatice (if you think that you have escaped from the past, the past will not escape from you, my dear)

ifakat from the day they went married Korhan everyone in the palace lost his status and his real value

Because for them Seyran is an account of their mistakes

We assume that ifakat who killed Fadila (Halis’s wife Orhan’s mother) and Amin (ifakat’s eldest son’s husband to Halis) will show this from her experience with Hatice , but his sense that this time will not succeed because the third is fixed.

¶ The woman may be the virtue of Orhan’s mother and she was treated, and everyone thought she was dead, but she returned to take revenge because Halis and Hatice lived in a sad marriage because of their love story.

¶ The fortuneteller is a possibility of yes or no um Abidin remains, and she had a relationship with the palace previously with Amin and Fadila, who expelled her, so she roamed ifakat, and two loved the family of Korhan, because if we noticed, she said to Suna (who do not know how to separate them by time separating them) and that she is in control of Ifakat and they move this game in their way.

And she works as a fortuneteller to convince the minds that what happens to them from the stories that she is planning, and they think that it happened by fate and destiny

¶ Assuman Neifra will take advantage of the video to bring her information or use it as a paper against the Korhan family, and Assuman from a long time ago is already malicious, but she lives the role of silence in her mood, the Nevra movement will come out the truth of Assuman

¶ Ferit began to notice that Suna was not normal towards him and he began to be careful of her

Don’t trust anyone in the series characters or Parish because his heart will happen no one expects There is something coded in the episode I don’t want to tell you about it so that I don’t stir up controversy but when I am sure I will tell you about it but don’t trust anyone

¶ Pelin ends it is Kaya because someone who is not merciful like Ferit and Serter because he knows that by deceiving him she will bring out the worst of him, Suna is the only one who used to work in front of her at some time to get out his evil, but Pelin does not work like this because she thinks that she is conquering Ferit, but she is conquering herself.

Kaya’s prospect is stubborn and Pelin answers the palace in front of Suna as a unique parallel costume and Seyran .

¶ Orhan yes from Orhan the man has something behind him too and I am not reassuring him

In general is there anyone who will play in a car or brakes or an accident in the car of one of them

Nevra + Akin + ifakat + Orhan …

The simple girl whose dream is a husband and a family
And fly away from Kazim
In a day and a night a knight came on a white horse,
All girls dream of it
And for this dream you can do anything.

Even if I go to my municipal bath and ask her to take off her clothes.
Here is the first sign of submission to ifakat and that this will remain a toy in her hands.

They went to engage her.
In a moment. After she felt that she is above the girls
And she dreamed of happiness and prepared herself to wear the dress of Esme that she dreamed of for a long time
Check all this. And from what? From the closest people to her
In order for the bad experience to remain prefer all the time in front of it,
No, and people won’t shut up.
This is in it and in it and we saw her standing with Joseph

I went to Istanbul.
And dazzled by the lights of the city and freedom
Anything is better than Gantep in her eyes, her chains, and the people who will not have mercy on her. ..

Unfortunately she doesn’t have the intelligence to stop and analyze any situation. Any word
She doesn’t trust anyone (how? And her father, who is supposed to support her, is the thing that scares her the most, and her mother, who is supposed to protect her, is powerless and helpless)
Even Seyran .
And you imagine that there was a relationship between Seyran and Fred, and that Seyran kidnapped him from her.
(Anything you give a logical reason for what is happening, you go after it and don’t think)

A widowed groom comes and has a son
And she is still 20 years old
And his harsh looks and his favorable request. Dada to his son. And he will also take her back to Gantep.
To feel that she is nothing without guilt
I did a disgrace?

She was exposed for the first time to
Tenderness appreciation and fear for her even from himself
” Abidin ”
A wonderful and beautiful dream
You didn’t think for a moment about the differences between them.
And his love managed it
And she said salvation is over I want someone who loves me for me His family don’t choose me from my country’s bathroom.

But the sick Kazim throws it with his hand in the palace of the patient Safwat To meet an experience of the worst possible.

The events revolve and get rid of it.
You go back to Abidin begging him
That she had no guilt and that she was an offering Her father sacrificed his pride and his word for her
But Abidin unfortunately abandoned her
And he didn’t stand by her as he promised her

so that she finds herself a feather in the wind
And the anger inside her increases
And the question grows
What did I do?

A weak superficial personality that has no confidence in herself or others
Like an exhausted butterfly, you will see a light that will come close to it, thinking it is a haven so it will burn

And here came ifakat decorated Kaya for her
And decorated it in the eye of Kaya
Anything this snake can do to take revenge on Seyran
And it will hurt her with the closest one to her in the world
And she gave herself up Suna
to take the place that is supposed to be hers with an alleged grandson.
and live happily

But is this enough?
Divination appears.
Who don’t know at whose instigation?
And remove the only room that supported Suna on the edge
Which is faith and recognition of its destiny
And Suna loses her balance forever,
In her way of searching for happiness
Anyone tell her your happiness is here. you’re going to him
It has a big emptiness inside caused by their abnormal house
And this emptiness she wanted to fill with a happy family that she raised
But it didn’t happen,

Suna was slaughtered
Once I reject Ferit, once with a widowed groom, once with a failed marriage, once with Abidin
So I acted like a slaughtered bird that flutters before its death
He knocks everywhere and everything. Before his soul comes out,

Unfortunately from my point of view
That the kiss of life cannot come from outside this time.
I tried Abidin
I tried Kaya
I didn’t succeed
No one will save her. Other than herself

An amendment for friends who say that Seyran grew up in the same house 🩷

Here he teaches us that we humans have different reactions.

Suna gave up and submitted.
Seyran rebelled and became more powerful.

Suna saw salvation at the hands of (someone) who marries her and starts a family.
Seyran Shaft salvation at the hands of (herself)
When you learn and become independent

It was clear the nature of their characters from the first episode.
When Suna agreed to eat leftovers
While Seyran refuses this.
If the plate is not complete and no one touches it, don’t eat from it.
This was an explicit projection of the nature of their personalities.

Suna inherited her mother’s subservience.
Seyran inherited Hatice’s pride.

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