Yali Capkini Episode 62 Expectations and Analysis

Pelin, Akin& Yusuf helped our Seyfer to reconcile 😂🤍

Nevra, you are the next 🫡

Ferit doesn’t like the way of Halis and Orhan in solving topics and he makes his own way in it

Halis has lost a big part of his strength but still has more power than Kazim 🤍 👏

The idea is that maybe in the coming episodes, Seyran and Ferit’s relationship will go in parallel with Hattuc and Halis.

Any move that Halis and Hattuc do now is late. They were supposed to do it in their youth.
Will do the same steps as Ferit and Seyran now.

Notice the following
Episode 11:
Halis met Hattuc in a café at the same time Seyran and Ferit in a café for the journalist’s problem.

Episode 14:
Hattuc for Halis in the hospital. Seyran and Ferit are in the hospital.
“I wanted to leave leaving a memory” – Hattuc Halis’s sentence. On the same day, Ferit would have left if Seyran had not been there.

Episode 22:
Seyran went to Ferit at the company. Ferit was trying to do something for Seyran .
Hattuc went to Halis at the company. Halis did something for Hattuc

In the coming days, the late steps in Hattuc’s relationship and Halis will do it Ferit and Seyran .
For example.. What if Halis proposed to Hattuc ?
What can Ferit and Seyran do as a similar event?

This idea is very brief, otherwise there are a lot of things that can be linked to SeyFer + KaySun + AbSun.

But I’m not interested in the rest of the characters other than the SeyFer

The scene of Ferit at Halis and Sehmuz after he knew that Okkes was behind the plan, and the scene of the kidnapping of Hattuc after him on the length, then at night Ziya a friend of Halis catches Okkes and beats him, and in the meantime Seyran is in the palace

Confirmed leak: Orhan and Gulgun try with Seyran to go down with them at a dining table

⛔As for the leaks of minor details about Latif, and I also said why Latif was present and Halis protected him because of his involvement in a case at that time and Halis hid him in the palace…

😂💥Seyran’s return to the palace💥Halis’s apology from Seyran💥Seyran💥carried the life of the past for Latif 💥Orhan’s revenge on Halis💥and the presence of Nevra in the palace💥Suna’s hatred Suna💥made up Orhan and Seyran and Halis💥Halis protection for Seyran and everyone’s hatred against her of course ifakat and Suna 💥Nukhet’s travel, her divorce, and Kaya’s💥non-return Confrontations between Halis, Hattuc , Okkes and Ferit 💥, Nevra’s 💥revenge, Serter and Pelin’s revenge….

What is new to be honest is linked to Latif’s past with simple details😊And I would have said it, by God. And at the end of the episode until I 😂said it to the 62nd and I told you widespread words and it is possible that there will be a transformation of the character of Akin🌙Afkro all da you said with a combined video and also old videos here and on the channel because you were saying leaks of events that will still happen in upcoming episodes. ❤️🌹❤️

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