Yali capkini episode 62 analysis

Yali capkini episode 62 analysis

The episode is beautiful and has some events and psychological analysis. First of all I will deal this time with the characters with the outcomes I will not sympathize with anyone because each person in the characters is responsible for himself

We start with Ferit :
All of you were waiting for his setback + doubt her + get angry at her
The result is in front of you Ferit if he had the same personality as his first one he did not mature with the passage of events and shocks that he lived
It was true what Suna said to reduce her sister’s honor
He would have asked to marry Nevra

It was violence Seyran with harmful words and he divorced her
But what we have ahead are the expected developments
Ferit wiser his mind before his heart / he heard the voice of himself not the voice of the people / he saw in his heart and moved with his mind

And he realized that the precedents were his mistakes and he said I will not repeat my mistakes again and so Ferit setback is on the verge of healing
And because we said the episodes are a repetition of seeing them on the healing and the lesson is that they do not repeat mistakes
Someone here told me that he was afraid to go and get engaged to Nevra, I will trust you now, by telling you that I deserve trust or not.!! 😂

We continue, Ferit has become aware of his anger and controls in his reactions so that he can control his angry spells and not lose the discussion in the heart of the event
Calm + Stability = Understanding
He became listening and then judging
And Nono is currently his mind troubled because of his father and his times, and all successive on top of each other, but he calms down then he will understand the codes of Suna and will reveal her true intention..!

2-Seyran -:
Her pent-up anger ended and her journey of despair and sadness ended with Ferit and all his ways to get her back and his trust in her and in her love he gains her forgiveness and a new beginning between them
Despite her good faith in her behavior and sacrifice for the exit of Orhan but she is forced to know that she is being exposed by taking herself for granted by Orhan He will not love her favor and will deny it and she does not do this for him she works for Ferit and her position will increase in Ferit heart
Second, his personality is similar to Suna’s, and Seyran must know that he is doing all this because he is close to her and his eye is not to help her

The point here is that Ferit and Seyran are not ready to trust each other, but they are willing to trust the enemies!!
Seyran confident in Akin
And Ferit is confident in Nevra And the end of trust is abandonment and a feeling of guilt for themselves they will act trust each other and choose the people who deserve trust

Literally she lives as much as her sister in the palace and marriage
She played in her sister’s honor, so Kaya doubted her honor
She said to Ferit , my sister, she belongs to men, so Kaya accused her of being a man

She saw insulting your face and breaking and harmful hints as much as Seyran
the difference here is that she is accusing Ferit of his wife seriously accusing her my wife answered her right
She went in front of her husband and he accused her of a serious accusation that justifies herself in front of him I am not like that

The difference between heaven and earth is unique although he saw Akin with Seyran but he is confident in her and in her metal and that she does this as a force
But Kaya knows that Suna loved Abidin and had her eye on her brother-in-law and told her, “Do you think he will look at you if he divorces?” The painful thing is that a husband says this to his wife and she sees it as a cheap type
A wife has her eye on her sister’s husband

He hurts for his wife’s infidelity or for her betrayal of her sister!!
Although he loves her and has high awareness, he doubts her because she is in a position of doubt
But Suna the words of fortuneteller are controlled to the extent that she ends herself by herself she ends marriage and brotherhood bonding and friendship bonding She could have heard Kaya’s voice for her and Ferit’s voice and his expression of his wife but she tried to control his mind thinking that words are like the brain that controls the mind but he refused to listen to her messages as she refused to listen to his messages

Rejecting it means changing it for the better
Rejecting it means changing it for the worse
And in Suna and Kaya’s room in the middle of the fight, Kaya picked up from the ground an iron with a bulb pointing a direction and then broke it meaning pussy The last hope from him is that he will guide her to light and will leave her to follow in her darkness
Why did you say that Akin is like Suna’s personality?

Because the two took advantage of Ferit and Seyran’s sadness and each one tries to touch the other side either with hands or shoulder and this is called blatant harassment their eyes on married people and they try to keep Ferit and Seyran away from each other so that
Suna remembers Ferit as the first suspect you deal with with doubt
And Akin because he knows that his mind is going to deal with her by supporting her position Yes you are right you are good like this to continue

I have a very small expectation
Kazim hasn’t changed. He still cares about his interest
But he was pinched once by Saffet and this time when he walked away from him she knew that he would come out in front of her losing
So he makes two plans plan A and plan B in case they fail plan A

Meaning he was going to marry her Akin when he heard Okkes’s interview he knew that the issue of Saffet was being repeated and he would get out of Okkes and Halis revenge from the generator without chickpeas so he turned to plan B
So that Sir returns to Ferit without returning it directly and does not appear to Okkes that he is playing with him so that he does not withdraw the palace from him and live without money
meaning he provokes Ferit in the engagement so that Ferit dares to take a walk and Halis apologizes after he knows that she helped his son and that is why he took a walk with him to the palace and intended to introduce them to her engagement although he might wait after the divorce because he is aware that Ferit will prevent the divorce and end the engagement

And he meant to raise his voice to Halis in order to provoke them and move to stop the engagement
And this way he gained the return of Ferit and Halis coming back asking for her return and forgiveness and this way he earned money for a bet in return for Okkes at any time 😅

5-Okkes -:
It is clear that Akin mother is the reason for her condition and he tried to hurt her and laughed at Akin and said as Halis did this and that to play with Akin and Orhan and both help him in his revenge on her and this proves that Okkes is weak and he underestimates his opponent by playing with him in the nearest thing to him

All of you said that Okkes is the cause of the accident behind a brand and I say Nevra and she is the one who sent it the girl because she said before that I want a strong secret to hold on to the Korhan family and the strongest secret is that he is not the owner of his brand or drawings
A nice secret on the beginning of exposure
And the big scandal of Halis on the outskirts of it takes place
And the scandal of Ferit on the day of his brand will happen
All this will happen before Ferit stands on his leg and makes a new brand in his name and in the name of his times and they remain partners with each other.

And I tell you that Seyran’s injury will be due to Akin
And I said above every person responsible for himself

You live as much as you did to Ferit .
she kept obsessed with him until serter was obsessed with her

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