Yali Capkini Episode 58 Expectations and analysis

Yali Capkini Episode 58 analysis

Good evening everyone, I know that most are waiting for a huge amount of analysis, but unfortunately although the episode was beautiful, it is considered the most dramatic episode since the beginning of the second season ، But I will analyze some scenes that were somewhat incomprehensible to the viewers, with how much other analysis is important, and before starting the usual mention ((psychological analyzes of the characters in this account are intended to understand them and not to justify or stand next to one party from the other, and be based on the distribution of the psychological side of the writer of the characters in each episode))

and let’s start analyzes, Of course, a big party was annoyed by Seyran’s logical actions in this episode (as she chooses the right behavior away from her personal feelings), but in this scene it caught my attention that the topic was not only related to her logic, but also the development of her consciousness, so you say ok how did her consciousness develop? If the action was only about logic, she would defend Pelin and be content with protecting her as a woman pregnant with the soul of an innocent child,

But if you notice that Seyran did not abandon her and continued to help her and go with her instead of staying with Ferit (although he has Birel and she can care about her), I mean Seyran now does not care about Pelin’s influence in her life and does not deal with her with anger, but calmly and very maturely, I mean compare Seyran’s actions towards pelin in the first season, and between the current events to know the difference

A question to determine the level of my dear followers, the bosom of gratitude from Ferit here is the direction of Seyran, is it because of the spiritual connection, or the emotional personality, or the emotional connection, I will put a vote with options, but I will ask the people who are confident in their answer, explain the reason for choosing the answer in the comments, and the correct explanation I will do a fixation.

Notice how the effect of tests and relapses on humans, the fact that you relapsed does not mean that the result is only failure, but that you benefited from the test in one way or another, and this was very clear on Seyran here, if you compare her style previously between using the kissing method and then clarifying the idea that she does not feel any feelings towards Ferit from that kiss (such as trying to convince herself internally of Ferit’s hatred), and between her conversation here with Ferit , Because she confessed easily and quickly that she did not stop loving him, And even became a great realization that the main reason is her existential message,

(lack of trust, meaning Ferit is not the different man, means still under the influence of the complex of changing the meaning of the man caused by Kazim), however, Ferit did not care about the principle of trust more than his interest in the phrase “that you do not love me” because stability for him is not achieved without a basic factor which is love, Ok our analyst also trust is required as a condition for achieving real stability, why didn’t Ferit care about her? Because her words are true in the idea of not trusting him, but she is wrong in the idea of not loving her, (Trust: she is the one who does not trust/ her message, love: is the one who does not love/ his message)..

Now we come to the most beautiful Sephari scene for me personally, not only at the level of the episode but at the level of the second season in general, especially with the writer’s recent focus on existential messages, tests, setbacks, logic and emotion, it has become difficult to feel the beautiful Sepharian energy, and the reason for the beauty of the scene in short is the spiritual connection, always my favorite scenes without discussion, first notice Ferit asked Seyran to look into his eyes before talking and disclosing About what is inside him, And I continue to insist more than once until I looked Seyran to his eyes,

and from here began the moment of spiritual connection, (of course from the principle of the eye is a mirror of the soul), you must know that the spiritual link be conscious, confident, calm, sober, and wise, and despite all the internal conflicts and differences, but it is fixed on the principle does not change at all, And observes these conflicts with a conscious look, but in silence, and does not interfere in the decisions of the rest of the fields, whether emotional attachment or existential messages or logic, but intervenes sometimes if he feels that his control is required to deliver sincere feelings during these conflicts,

Ferit is aware of the feelings of emotional attachment despite his mistakes and defects, and aware of existential messages despite tests and failures, so love delivers an important message to Seyran, that whatever their tests, mistakes and conflicts, but his attachment to them is strong and will never be affected, And because it was a completely honest moment from him, she could not make any reaction in front of him and was satisfied with silence, but later in the car we saw the calmness of all the fields inside her and her feeling of happiness, frankly, I do not remember the number of times that I returned the scene from how much it was very beautiful for me with the directing focusing on their eyes and the soundtrack, it was really not a mistake ❤️

Now we come to the authority of psychological interference in Suna’s personality, between tests and setbacks and psychological complexes and so on, and I will walk with you step by step so that you understand correctly, there are a couple of important points that I will need to draw your attention to understand where the main problem is, in the beginning I want you to pay attention to Suna’s body language at the beginning of the clip, in holding her hand and moving her body forward and backward repeatedly, all of which indicate fear and anxiety and stress,

And they are the main controlling axes in the message of fear, the natural in a similar situation with another character different from Suna , the talk of divination makes the person think, wonder, analyze, all of them are routine operations to try to understand the hints from any talk issued by the priests, but Suna was only here afraid and living an internal conflict, and as I mentioned earlier that the course of events of divination is a test of her existential messages, the continuation in the next post.

Suna could not overcome the conflict inside her and went to Ferit’s room because she needed to get rid of this internal conflict by talking to Ferit , but fortunately for her Ferit was busy in his personal conflicts and did not exist, and when she realized that he did not exist, the situations stuck inside the unconscious continued then to go out and try to break free, you must understand that it is Suna because of the mechanism of suppressing feelings that she got used to instead of revealing them because of her fear, This thing makes a psychological contract in general for the person away from his existential message,

Suna could not get rid and free from the pain of not achieving her simple dream in her marriage in a traditional and calm way, and Elly naturally had to be before walking because she is her older sister, in addition to her rejection and humiliation in front of her family and others, this is enough to plant a strong inferiority complex inside her, with the experience of existential messages and the exit of a contract buried inside her at the same time, Suna caused an internal collapse that made her imagine her life if her situation was different And she married Ferit as planned in the course of her events in the beginning, now I want you to focus on Suna’s imagination,

The subject was simply a conflict between the conscious and the unconscious then, the unconscious affected by the words of the fortuneteller and began to draw the picture that she alluded to, and the conscious who is afraid and completely rejects this idea (notice the overlap of the test of messages and existential with an internal psychological conflict), the goal of the scene and the direction is not just fiction, but to clarify her internal conflict, if it was just imagination and wishes, it would have been similar to her imagination with Kaya,

but now Suna is a strong struggle, And the decisive point in this conflict was the idea of carrying it from Ferit (physical communication with him), this thing made her realize how heinous the idea is even if it came from internal contracts, and immediately she woke up from her imagination and repented of it, now she just learned the lesson from the existential messages test (not being afraid and being drawn to the other’s talk), but she did not succeed in this test and is still in the circle of relapse, the continuation in the next post.

Suna recently was entering into a relapse and before leaving it completely intervenes in another setback, and the situation continued to overlap three setbacks without getting out of them, and these setbacks, although it is mainly caused by tests of existential messages, but they awakened within Suna a repressed psychological contract (so the message of getting out of the prison of fear is considered one of the most difficult messages because fear is a negative feeling in a person that can interfere in many things) Now Suna got rid of her fear towards Kazim, Thus, of course, Kazim’s violence and authority over her will disappear, and the writer justified this thing with the near-death experience that Kazim lived,

and because of it, the change was only related to the idea of violence in him (because at the time Kazim approached death, the most regrettable thing he regretted doing was the way he dealt with his family), and therefore the disappearance of fear within Suna awakened a psychological need inside her, which is the experience of normal family life, especially with her family’s continuous disregard for her. Although it is logical that the natural belonging of the wife is in her husband’s house and not in her family’s house, But her psychological need to nurture the principle of the natural family, which she was deprived of all the time, did not realize that this is her natural place,

in addition to that her message now moved from Kazim and went to Effect (fear, threats, violence) another reason to hate the house to which Kaya belongs and because of the pressure of feelings within her from several areas, she put the reason for this, is her marriage to Kaya, Therefore, psychologically, she now needs to distort the image of this marriage because it is the only obstacle for her to live the normal image of the family, and therefore at that time the sentence of a sad couple came out of her mouth, (((Regarding her words later in asking her about the reason for her marriage to Kaya, he follows the same principle, that is, an attempt to distort her marriage and everything related to it))) The important thing,, but although this sentence hurt Kaya very much, because he realized that Suna still did not You fall in love with him, but he tried to act consciously towards the situation, the continuation in the next post

Most of them here did not understand Ferit’s words about Kaya and Abidin, and this post is to clarify this thing, Kaya for Ferit is a person without a family, who does not work and of course is not rich enough, even his residential affiliation to the House of Halis (meaning that there is no private home for him), and this was the meaning of who is Kaya? And when he saw the tone of sarcasm from Suna , he wanted to explain to her the principle, that his reaction was also similar to that of Abidin since Abidin also had no family,

And his job is as a driver in the house of the Korhan family and therefore poor, I mean the principle sees them as similar in not being fit enough for her, and this thing stems from the feelings of the brothers towards her, the parents always have a feeling of dissatisfaction towards their daughters’ husbands even if they are good, Because internally they want the best ever, I mean the issue is not insulting Abidin or Kaya, more than a desire for her to get the best, and because Suna is living a big internal attack from many different fields, she did not have enough ability to understand his words and saw that the problem is in her personally.

As for Suna’s reaction here, this follows the principle I explained earlier in the idea that human feelings continue to be affected by the unconscious because of dreams, fantasies, etc., and therefore she does not have the ability to accept any simple physical connection from a husband with whom she had a full physical relationship previously, (in Arabic she is still affected by the imagination of the idea of her pregnancy with Ferit ), This episode confirmed to me that the caissons fell into the trap that their Sifarian brothers ate before them, I mean I predicted your bright future previously, but I did not expect it to come so quickly.

This scene is very personal and surprised me to the extent that it was one of my favorite viewers of the episode, I never expected the writer to touch on the side of the existential messages of the character of Pelin, notice here the moment she realized the opportunities that she gave her are the existential messages before she officially punished her in the possibility of losing her son and his premature birth, first Secida, then ifakat, then Gulgun and finally Ferit , until it came to Shahmouz, and Elly in turn turned to Halis and became the truth of her child’s lineage Very close, (Because she used her child in her personal obsession with a unique direction and her lack of self-esteem in an attempt to obliterate his real lineage), and they also noticed how this thing affects her health and psychology, personally for the first time I pity Pelin to a great degree, in addition to that the actress really worked hard in this episode and her acting was very beautiful.

Ferit tried to act towards Pelin and the child consciously and responsibly, but I repeat that man is difficult to achieve his message easily and also difficult that he develops and changes suddenly and quickly, and now existential messages test Ferit again in the idea of choosing between his child (whose percentage is still questionable for him) and between the mother of the child who had a hand in hurting her in one way or another, personally enthusiastic about choosing Ferit away from the dramatic plot ،

And will the test cause him a relapse and not try what he fails in, the decline in viewership was very expected because those in charge of the work are pulling their tricks in bad promotion through advertisements and of course do not forget the great efforts of the vans in the leaks and diligence in the analysis that is the principle of the strange link, but I repeat again and repeat it from my personal observation I discovered that it provoked controversy dramatically and focus on the dramatic side in general, What helps at all in increasing the viewership rate, but on the contrary,

episodes in which the focus is on the psychological side are the ones whose percentage increases, I really hope they pay attention to that, in the end the dramatic aspect has no importance and strength like the psychological, even if the viewers are not aware of this information, because the dramatic events may make them bored, but the psychological side deepens internally and increases their attachment more, I personally like the balance between the two sides, the door for additional analyzes is open if the requests are repeated significantly, today there were not many analyzes, but I tried to touch on the important, I hope that you benefited and enjoyed, and in conclusion you have all my love and appreciation and you become what you 🌹🩷 love.

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