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Yali Capkini Episode 61 Forecasts and leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 61 New leaks

Strong leaks we start with Nukhet

Nukhet is the one who controls the divination and she is the one who gives her information about Suna, until she releases her from Kaya, and then she will make her get closer to Ferit, he will be drunk because Seyran left him, and she will enter the room trying to get close to him and sleep next to him, but he will kick her out and Kaya will hear her screams and she will be expelled from the palace, this is Nukhet’s plan to expel Suna from the palace.

A meeting between Pelin and Nevra due to revenge on Ferit,
Other leaks about the attack of Serter men and Nevra’s men on Ferit Korhan’s jewelry store.

Orhan will come out of prison with a very variable personality, he will come out with a grudge against Halis, because he did not help him get out, and he will take all the property from Halis and expel him from the palace under the pretext that he has become old and can no longer manage his business and property.

ifakat will agree with Sehmuz because Orhan will kick her out of the palace,

The series I loved the most and excluded from my mind the idea of leaving this series is Yali Capkini bird literally reached the point of addiction I mean during the days of the first season I used to stay up till dawn to see the advertisement and waited for the Trailer the Trailer sometimes it used to go down at 4 am I used to sleep and wake up to hear the Trailer only And literally I got addicted to the series and lived the best days with you whether analysis or discussion or laughter And I also gained a lot of friends and a moon because of the series and I really got to know you this was the best period in my life🤍

And I never regretted watching it even for a second And people were saying that the series will be lost. I didn’t believe it And the first season was really up up🤍 above above and above And I used to love the server very very much and I really didn’t wait for the episode to be translated and I heard the episode 10000 times I swear to God I heard the first season a lot and I memorized its events because it was so sweet and I was happy that I heard about another 🤍 season

But the series is from the second season and it is strange, not those of the sever. What is this? What are these empty episodes and the korrth that I watch! And how much the writer neglects this series! It is literally the acting of Afra and Mert is a masterpiece but really the writer changed the series 180 degrees.! And the actors feel that they don’t understand that they are acting like this! And the first season, the reset is the least thing that reaches it 9 or 10 currently, the reset was downloaded to 6!

I can’t believe this series that I am addicted to and loved! Literally, seriously, all the actors are acting greatness upon greatness, but the events are below zero!! And seriously, today’s episode proved to me how much the writer is not interested in the series even a seed!

Although the episode is normal and does not have strong events and resulted in another drop Brett was expected.

But in the theory of half a full 😅 cup

There are some positives that Parrish certainly meant by the current events.

The first thing is the main duo of the events of the Seyfer❤️

Although their scenes in the episode had sad endings. But I liked the language of dialogue that became between them

If we made a comparison between their scenes yesterday and their scene for example when Tarik appeared in Seyran’s life

There is a very big difference in method, treatment and intentions.

English subtitles for episode 61 of Yali Capkini

In the first season their dialogue was a mutual insult and insults.

Yesterday despite the artificial cruelty of Seyran But there was a calm reaction from Ferit and the appearance of his confidence in Seyran and his confirmation of this (I am waiting more to watch Ferit reaction next episode and I hope his maturity continues)

Also positive is a unique perception of Kazim’s negative impact on their relationship.


Also one of the pros of the episode away from the Seyfer Orhan’s realization of Halis’s imaginary power and his future realization that he and Ferit are the reason for what happened to them.

From the positives and despite the small time of the episode and something honestly I liked is not focusing only on Ferit and Seyran

Give space to other stories of existing characters for example Abidin and Sefika’S daughter.

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The only negativity that I found in yesterday’s episode is of course the weakness of the episode

Is Pelin’s continuation of the events as a whole about Serder’s promise to her. And I hope after the fall of the wish Parrish backed down from her continuation because he became provocative and there is no need for her presence after she got her punishment

Finally, I wish success in what is coming to my favorite ❤️ series.

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