Yali Capkini Episode 53 With English Subtitle

Yali Capkini Episode 53 English Subtitle

Yali Capkini Episode 53 English Subtitle. 📌 “I’m going to tell the world a different story.”
Changing the narrative, taking control over his life. 👌🏻🔥

“Drowning his own scandal with another one, negating and changing the narrative”

He already lost “his” everything -Seyran- and to have it back he need to has it all.
The only thing he is holding on is his ring -her- all what he is doing it for her.

It seems twisted and confusing but he already lost, no risk of losing again, so he is crossing all the lines. She doesn’t believe in his words anymore anyway, only in actions, and he is in the process, he will bring results.

From episode 50. his main rival is Halis.

He has no control over his life since he is still under Halis control… he force him to bring Pelin to divorce to marry he can’t kick out Pelin he has no money to take care of the child he believes his and the sardine is acting like a burden and need saving…

he need to put order in his life to show her why he did what he did and his priorities… when he get there he will be able to show her with action his intentions and will for real not what he is forced to due to his circumstances.

Maybe he won’t be able to win her back but he has nothing left to lose and he will try still at least he get to clear his name in her eyes.

Yali Capkini Episode 53 English Subtitle

Halis didn’t stop the photos from leaking to punish him and force him to choose.
But what Halis and everyone else, refused to hear is that Seyran was and will always be, his only choice. This baby is a reality, that he accepted but never chosen.

So he makes them listen, creating a front page news about himself;
⁃They said he is a failure for not making a choice so he is showing them what failure means and what his life would look like if he make that choice.

⁃They said he is happy about fatherhood in the morning so he is showing them at night what kind of father he would be.

Drowning his own scandal with another one, negating and changing the narrative – a desperate attempt to take control over his own life by accepting defeat.

By the end of the day, he was face to face with his insecurity – Not being enough and never being enough. All these years he used to hide behind a mask, so insecure that someone may see the real him, and what big of a lie is THE GREAT Ferit korhan is.

Seyran was his light and his salvation from his old self and his dark past, she was the only one who truly loved him despite everything and saw through his layers, but he was so consumed by fear to be fully “himself” around her, and that when she finally sees his bare truth she will leave him.
That’s how low he thinks of himself, that’s insecure he is and how much he hates his own reflection.
If he thinks he is not enough why would she.

Paralysed by this idea he is determined to become a better version of himself for her, not to lose her. But no matter what he does, it was never enough, not because, but because it was all in his head.

And like Latif said;
“You are your biggest hater.
You harm yourself the most.
Start somewhere and everything will fall into place.
You are special and valuable, don’t you see.

You need to love yourself first, respect yourself for other to respect and love you.
No one is like they seems to be, either more or less. And you are way more that what you are or what you want to be.”But now he laid bare his soul, completely exposed, nothing left to hide, nothing left to lose.

The gift – you either give yourself completely to it or lose yourself completely with it.
The gift is just like the love, you either consume it or let it consume you.

He either accept to be just this broken Ferit Korhan.
Or have the courage to face himself with all his broken pieces and facets.
He need to prove himself to himself first, and everything and everyone will follow.

When he stops trying to please the others but himself, when he stops trying to win their respect but seek his own self respect, he wins.
Self reliant and self confident owning his weakness same as his strength.
And he did. 🔥

Yali Capkini  With English Subtitle

📌The love of family remains despite the challenges
Family members may face difficulties and make mistakes.
But the bond remains strong no matter what.

• The scene of Ferit and Halis in the second trailer for episode (52) received many criticisms to the point of exaggeration, but the same scene was repeated with Seyran before in episode (20) Some can say sympathy here and here is different can differ in terms of appearance, but in terms of substance and content These two scenes are similar.

• Seyran despite everything Kazim did, but I felt pain and feared for him, as is clear in the clip, and there are more scenes in this episode

From seeing him broken and in this case crying in front of him.

Of course, my words are not necessarily taken completely on the series. I mean, as we know, there is no connection between the episodes or the way of narration, but I wanted to explain to you, even from personal experience, that the family will remain the family, no matter what happens. Certainly, there are limits and an end to the situation.
But the family will always have a place and an equation that is difficult to explain.

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